is the pilot of December 21st.


December 1, 2012, 1:00 AM EST

Sci and some other scientists are in a lab.

Sci: And you guys are sure this cure for cancer won't have any side effects?

Scientist One: Pretty sure.

Scentst Two: Bring in the patient.

Two guards bring in Tester 122112.

Sci: Why hello. I heard you have cancer. We're testing a cure.

Tester: Blah blah blah. Gimme the cure.

Scientist Three: Alright.

He injects the needle.

Sci: That's the prototype cure...

Sc. 3: Sheet.

Sci: We're getting sued......

The tester turns green... He looks like he has rabies... His flesh starts peeling....


Sci takes an M16 from a fainted guard and starts shooting with the other guard.

The tester starts coughing up haze and smoke.


Sci gets out of the lab and throws an M67 grenade. He keeps running and runs into a car.

(Sci): That was a failure.

The driver looks at him.

(Driver): Need a ride.

(Sci): Yeah.

(Driver): Name's Toon.

(Sci): I'm Sci.

(Toon): Why you running?

(Sci): Zombies.

The car screeches to a hault.

(Toon): What!?

Sci looks at the clock on the radio.

(Sci): You have any weapons in the back of the trunk? I have an M16 with me.

(Toon): Two Beretta M9 pistols under the seat.

Sci looks at the radio.

(Sci): You mind?

(Toon): Go ahead. Toon starts driving again.

(Radio): The 


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