The Pokemon Adventures! (Also known as TPA) is a series by Dan. It is comedy and action genre. It is rated PG for some blood.


Daniel, a 12 year old boy, catches his first Pokemon: A Dratini. The Dratini befriends him very quickly, and the two set out to defeat all eight gyms of the Kanto region. However, the villianous Team Rocket comes back to Kanto, with a new leader, a boy named Luke. So Daniel, the newest Pokedex weilder, must disband Team Rocket, defeat all eight gym badges, defeat the Pokemon League, and catch the mysterious Pokemon Mew!


  • Daniel - The main character.
  • Team Rocket- The villianous team.
  • Luke - The leader of Team Rocket and Daniel's rival.

Episode Guide

  1. The Adventure Begins! (Part 1)
  2. The Adventure Begins! (Part 2)

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