The Spycams is a series by Ren that watches how the Spycams are sent on missions with special gadgets, created by Ren (for now). It was created on 9/4/12. There are many cool things you're aloud to do, once you join this series.


To sign up, go to my message wall Ren, and just ask me.


  • Ren_logo.png
    • Ren
  • Lego_logo.png
    • Lego
  • Toon_logo.png
    • Toon

More members are at Spycam Wiki


1. Eye-Cam

2. Bottled Gun

3. Nano chip

to see more, become a Spycam.

Challenges and Prizes

Challenge 1 - Spycam

Become a Spycam.

Challenge 1 Prize - Become a Chat mod

Challenge 2 - Get a friend to join the Spycam Wiki

Challenge 2 Prize - Become an Admin

to see more challenges, join the Spycam Wiki


To join the series, complete Challenge 3 on Spycam Wiki. :)

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