This is the pilot for The soul man.Enjoy :).


A small baby girl is in her crib its the middle of the night.Then a tube like tongue lowers itself near her.Then a man walks into the room.

The soul man:Oh hello have not seen you in a while.

A spider like creature lands on the ground.The soul man grabs the baby and runs.The baby starts glowing green and he puts her on the couch.

The soul man:Sorry about that.

He grabs The spider like creature and flickers and throws The creature while it disappears.

The soul man disappearing:Hope you like dinosaurs!

                         10 years later

The soul man:Its that girls house ill go in.

He enters through the door but a man holding a sword comes out.


The soul man:Wow wait who are you?

Man:People call me Dakota.

The soul man:Crybaby?

Dakota takes the crybaby puts it in his mouth and spits it out.

The soul man:I put salt on them.

The soul man walks in.

The soul man:Who is that?

Dakota:Jessica the girl you changed 10 years ago.

The soul man:10 she looks 14!

Dakota:She aged rapidly.

The soul man:Fine then come with me.

They follow him and suddenly a small plane appears.

Jessica:We wont all fit in that!

They walk in to find a huge house like dome.

The soul man disappearing:Anyway I have no idea how to fly it so bye!

He disappears and reappers in a random time and watches the plane crash into the street.

The soul man:So how did it go?

Dakota:You dont know how to fly your own plane?

A blast almost hits Jessica but The soul man makes a sheild just in time.The sheild becomes a gauntlet then hands it to Jessica but then hands a dagger to Dakota.

                           TO BE FINISHED

Major events








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