Discontinued by Ship, Sol owns it as of March-ish (gave him the franchise) Tommy 12: Spavial Adventures is a sequel of Tommy 12.


4 years after Tommy 12...

Tommy is testing out a spaceship on an alien planet, and it won't work. He then realizes he is stuck there, and searches the galaxy for Plumbers.


These are aliens for the Twelvtrix Model II.

  1. Crashbug/Crashbug Model II
  2. Andafight
  3. Black Out/White Out
  4. Chatterboxer
  5. Dreamcatcher
  6. Roadblock
  7. Starvthing
  8. Tommyhyde "Greenman"
  9. Tommyooze "Acid Reflexes"
  10. Erosion/Thin Air and Rock Hard
  11. Remotron
  12. JetR8tor X

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