Age: Unknown
Occupation: Director/Producer
Hometown: Chaturnville
Season: 1
Placing: 7th place
Result: Murdered
Role: Suspect
No. of wins: 1
Alive: 5 time(s)
In Danger: 1 time(s)
TOD: Sometime before the morning of Day 6.

Toon is one of the contestants staying at Wikia Manor. He was the first one to arrive.


Season One

Toon was the first one to arrive at the manor.

At the main hall, after everyone else has arrived, Toon converses with Sci, making note that they have known each other prior to the events of MURDER. Toon, along with the rest of the contestants, heard the Crash and started looking around for where it came from. Toon was the one to find where the crash emanated from, alerting everyone with a scream. When going to look for clues Toon went with Paper, Bloxx and Ermac to the Crime Scene. Toon attempted to piece together how he might have died, but failed to notice the ladder from the window to a porch. 

During the riddle, Toon failed to figure out the first part before Sklei did, but managed to reach the second location. He did not solve the riddle, but his alliance with Ermac would keep him alive for the night. Toon however would see the shocking remains of RG in the Morning. (Hanging Around)

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