Toonbias is one of the Ten Sentinels of Awesome Betterhero.


Nobody knows what Toonbias is or where he came from. He was just, there. Awesome Betterhero liked his power to utilize the physics used in cartoons, but in real life. Toonbias became one of Awesome Betterhero's ten sentinels. He is one of the most powerful beings in the omniverse, more powerful than Awesome Betterhero himself.


Toonbias has an orange head and arms, a red body, maroon legs, and is pretty short and cartoony.

Powers and Abilities

Toonbias has extreme toonforce capabilities. He can pull any object desired from thin air, stretch his arms to extreme lengths, and run cartoonishly fast. Toonbias can practically do anything he wants, as long as it's funny.

Toonbias vs. Superheroes

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