Wyatt, and his brother, were recruited for SRT. They are SRT3


Wyatt, like his brother, wears Pioneer armor, completly. He has standard gauntlets and countoured legs.


Main: White

Secondary: Red

Visor: Black



  • Assault Rifle
  • Magnum


Armor Abilities


  • Michael: shared with Wyatt


Wyatt, alongside his brother, grew up on Reach. When a civil war broke out, they were drafted into the UNSC. They later were admitted into the Spartan Academy, there they trained to be hackers and computer geniuses. After graduation, they tried out for the Freelancers Alliance, but were turned down. Aaron recruited them for the Silent Recon Team, and they have prooven their skills. They are often refferred to as Twin, because it's difficult to tell them apart.

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