Season 2, Episode 202
♫ Under the sea, Under the sea, Darling it's better, Down where it's wetter... ♫
Air date 3/22/15
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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A Natural Death
The Butler Did It

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It shows The Butler and King Hotel and Resort as Charles voiceovers.

“Thirteen Mortals have arrived here to play a diabolical game of life, or death. For one of these Mortals is not who everyone thinks they are...for this, ladies and gentlemen is a game… of Murder. "

It zooms across to the other side of Wikia Island as it shows clips from the previous episode.

“And Last time on MURDER... "

[Teen]: My name is Charles.... Charles Butler.

[Charles gets up, and looks at the sign. THE BUTLER AND KING HOTEL AND RESORT - FOOD * POOL * SUNDRIES. He sighs in relief. ]

[Charles]: It was just a dream... it.... was a dream.

[Jack]: That makes 6 out of 8 of us connected to the Ermac Killing Spree, whether it was a connection to a victim or in the court.

[Ultra points to a table with their names on pieces of paper, labeling where they sit. Jack sits down, followed by Ultra, AB, and Omi on his right. To his left, Sub and Brandon sit down. On the other side, Omni, Speedy, Tyran, Lego, Drillo, and Scoot sit down in that order. Nate takes the seat at the short side of the table, alone. It is then that a pair of black shoes walks down the staircase to the lobby.

[Person]: Ladies and Gentlemen, or should I just say… Lady and Gentlemen. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Charles, and I will be your butler for the duration of this trip. I am terribly sorry about the wait, but we had urgent matters to attend to.

[Person on the Screen]: So Beware... for I am Coming for you.

[Suddenly, a ding is heard. The TVs in the lobby and Charles's room explodes, sending Charles and the Maid to the wall, and sending all thirteen guests to the floor. Nate drinks the wine, and then stops. He drops to the ground, the glass shatters to the floor, and he hits the wood. ]

[Ultra]: This... Game of Murder... it has begun.

[It cuts to Charles, at the age of 15 with Richard, the wife, and a bunch of cops. One cop walks up towards Richard. ]

[Richard]: Why if it isn't Rob... my dear old friend.

[Rob]: Richard. Age has gotten to you.

[Charles opens it up, revealing a miniature Wikia Island. It begins playing the exact same notes as the one Vicki had played. Creepied out, he shuts off the music box, and walks away. ]

[Rob]: You can part-time work at the Police Station, with me. ------ It’s really up to you guys. But I don't know what it is about you guys, but what have a feeling that you... especially you Charles... you're special. Just think of about it.

[Everyone is smiling, as the camera cuts to the nearby forest. Standing in the shadows... is a mysterious figure. Using binoculars, they watch Charles and the group. ]

[Figure]: For I am the Fiend.... Fiend of Wikia Island.

Wikia Island Police Station - 1989

[An officer is working late at night, writing reports.]

[Officer]: Ugh I just have to finish this last report, and then I can leave.

[The phone rings, and the officer answers it.]

[Officer]: Hello?

[Voice]: Write this down and report to Charles Butler.

[The Officer gets a fresh pad of paper, and starts writing what the voice says.]

[Voice]: From the Lane of the Elm.... The King will be Punished in his Realm.... Found Between Fire and Water.... The Killer Revealed before the next Slaughter.... You have Twenty Four Hours... I'll Be Watching in the Towers.

[The Officer stops writing, as the person on the other end hangs up.]

[Officer]: Da hell?

[It cuts to the other end of the line. Putting the phone down is The Fiend, who laughs in a dark, unknown location. ]

The Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Present Day

[Brandon is walking towards Wikia Cafe.]

[Brandon]: Now... time to see what's really going on here.

[Suddenly, he hears a loud noise. Running down the hall, he reaches the door, and opens it. Coming from the Golf Course is Omi. ]

[Brandon]: Did you see anything?

[Omi]: Just heard something.

[Brandon and Omi run over towards the pool, where they find a dead body.]

[Omi]: Is that.... Scoot?

[Brandon observes the dead body, and nods.]

[Brandon]: He's dead. Scoot is dead.

Music-icon Soundtrack - MURDER: Mystery Island Opening Theme

MURDER Mystery Island Logo One

Music-icon Soundtrack - Plane Crash I (until 0:50)

[Charles is in a seat, on a plane, reading the brochure about Wikia Island. He looks over to see the edges of the Island. Then, the speaker comes on. ]

[Speaker]: Attention, we are getting ready to crash. Please hang on to your lives.

[Charles]: Wait, wha-

[Suddenly, the Plane takes a deep dive down, falling rapidly. The oxygen bags appear, as Charles gets up. He then hears a loud series of screams. Turning around, he looks to see Sci is in one of the back seats with a rope around his neck, while Bloxx exits out of the airplane's bathroom, burned up, and Dark goes into it, blood all over him. He looks over to see the man he worked for 25 Years ago, dying with Nate. Charles looks around, as an air marshal walks up to him. ]

[Air Marshal]: Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to die....

[Charles turns around to see Ermac, the Killer of Season One, smiling and with a sword. He stabs a passenger, who looks like Nick, as the passengers next to him, looking like Reo and Toon scream in horror. The side door opens up, as Sklei and RG are sucked out and Ermac points a gun at Charles. Just as Ermac pulls the trigger, a loud explosion comes from the cockpit and Charles hears a familiar voice echoing his name.

[Voice]: Charles... Charles.... ... CHARLES! CHARLES!

[Suddenly, Charles shakes in shock, opening his eyes. Taking deep breaths, Charles looks at the time. Its 10 minutes before his alarm clock is set to go off. He turns it off anyways, and gets up.

[Charles]: It was just a dream... it.... it just was... it was just was a dream.

[Suddenly, there was a door knock, and an envelope slipped under the door. Charles, in his comfortable pajamas walks over to the door, and picks up the envelope. Opening it up, he reads a piece of paper with only three sentences on it, written in red ink. ]


[Charles]: Others.... like whom?


[Brandon and Omi are at the pool, as more people start coming.]

[Speedy]: What happened?

[Omni]: Did I hear something?

[Omi]: The one known as Scoot is dead.

[Speedy]: Really? My gosh.

[Tyran]: Scoot... if only he had listened to me. Dang it.

[Suddenly Charles appears, arriving at the scene.]

[Charles]: This area is not secure. Please, everyone back into the Lobby at once. Now!

[The guests at the scene of the crime begin heading back to the Hotel, as Charles looks at Fiend Mountain. It cuts to the Lobby, with all eleven guests there. ]

[Charles]: As you may all know by now... Scoot is dead.

[AB]: Dammit. I could've... I could've saved her...


Name: Alexander Cloon Dämon Barnsworth aka "AB"
Occupation: Doctor
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[AB]: I feel really bad right now. Because I feel like I could have saved Nate and Scoot, and yet they're dead. What kind of Doctor am I if I can't save lives?


Name: Tyran
Occupation: Scientist
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Tyran]: I feel responsible, even though I didn't kill Scoot. If only Scoot had listened...

[Charles]: Now. Like before... each of you will be able to go to one and only one of the three areas. The Crime Scene, which would be the Pool. The Last Known Whereabouts.... Scoot's bedroom, also known as Room 212. Whoever goes to the Last Known Whereabouts will get Scoot's room key card, which is to be delivered back to me before the Riddle. Finally, we have the Morgue... where you can get a closer look at the body that lies on the cold metal bed of death. I will give you five minutes to figure it out.

[Charles walks away from the lobby, as everyone begins deciding. Sub calls over Lego and Brandon. ]

[Sub]: I think we should work as a team. If we work as a team, we can hit all the different areas, and work together to make sure we all survive this thing.

[Brandon]: I have to agree.

[Lego]: Sounds like a good idea. Though shouldn't we have a few others...?

[Sub]: We could use a scientist and the Doctor. They might help us.

[Lego walks over to Tyran and AB, and talks to them. Tyran and AB nod, and they call over Drillo. The four of them talk for a bit, and then the four walk back to Sub and Brandon. ]

[AB]: Six is better than Five.

[Sub]: Fine then. I'm going to the Crime Scene.

[Tyran]: I can take the Crime Scene too...

[Lego]: Drillo and I can take the Last Known. Agreed?

[Drillo]: Yes.

[Brandon]: Which leaves AB and I to take the Morgue.

[Sub]: Looks like we got ourselves a plan. And... a team.


Name: Sub
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Hometown: UNKNOWN

[Sub]: With six people, we can have two people at every station, which gives all of us a better chance at surviving.

[Meanwhile, Omni and the rest of the guests are together.]

[Omni]: By the looks of it, Sub has formed a group to make sure they survive. I suggest we do the same. All of us together.

[Everyone Else]: Agreed/Yes/Sounds Good.

[Omni]: Now, I want to take a look at the body.

[Omi]: I'm interested in the Last Known.

[Ultra]: I can do the Crime Scene by myself, if needed.

[Jack]: That's good, because then I can do the Last Known, and Speedy, is it?

[Speedy]: Yes.

[Jack]: Then Speedy can do the Morgue. Is that fine with you, my lady?

[Speedy]: Quite alright.

[Jack]: Excellent.

[Charles comes back with the Maid.]

[Charles]: Which if you would like to go to the Morgue?

[Brandon, Omni, AB, and Speedy all raise their hands. Brandon looks over, noticing Speedy is going also. He smiles for a moment. ]

[Charles]: Then you can head down immediately.

[The four begin heading towards the staircase that leads to the basement.]

[Charles]: Who would like to go to the scene of the crime?

[Sub, Tyran, and Ultra raise their hands.]

[Charles]: If you could follow the Maid...

[The three begin following the Maid towards the nearest door to the pool.]

[Charles]: As for the rest of you... follow me to Room 212. The Last. Known. Whereabouts.

[Lego, Drillo, Omi, and Jack begin following Charles up the stairs.]


[Charles]: You know, I'm actually glad I got to work at the Police Station. It gets me out of this place.

[Richard and Charles are fixing up a room in the Hall Manor, where they work. ]

[Richard]: Don't get too comfortable. After your service is done, you are staying here.

[Charles]: Why? Why can't I get another job? Maybe... maybe I don't want to be a Butler.

[Richard]: Charles, it’s in our name for Pete’s sake. Besides, we still have a debt.

[Charles]: One we can repay if we got better j-

[Richard]: No.

[Charles]: No?

[Richard]: We have a duty to this manor, and whoever lives here. We are forced to do servitude. Our family has always been forced to do so for multiple generations.

[Charles]: Why? Why are we forced to be... their slaves?

[Richard]: Be- never mind. It’s just... complicated.

[The clock beings ringing. ]

[Charles]: I have to go.

[Charles takes his coat, and leaves the room as his father sighs. It cuts to the Police Station. ]

[Charles]: What happened?

[It shows Charles, Arthur, Diana, Vicki, and Clark with Officer Rob and the Officer who received the phone call in the Police Station. ]

[Rob]: We received a phone call last night, about 9 hours ago. Some maniac gave us a riddle, claiming we only had twenty four hours to figure it out.

[Clark]: So we only have 15 hours left.

[Rob]: Yes and since you all owe some time here, I figured my mini-detectives could take a look at it.

[All five teenagers look at the notepad with the riddle on it. They begin reading it. ]

From the Lane of the Elm.... The King will be Punished in his Realm.... Found Between Fire and Water.... The Killer Revealed before the next Slaughter.... You have Twenty Four Hours... I'll Be Watching in the Towers.

[Charles]: Well the Twenty Four hours part is clear.

[Arthur]: And someone is going to be watching us. Presumably the person who called.

[Diana]: There's a mention of a Killer and a Slaughter, which means someone must be dead...

[Clark]: Found between Fire and Water.... I don't know what that means.

[Vicki]: Hmmm... what about the Lane of Elm?

[Charles]: A lane... a lane is part of a roadway that is designated for use by a single line of vehicles. Elm is a tree so... we're looking for a road.

[Vicki]: Elm Street... of course... The King... his realm...

[Rob]: What do you know?

[Vicki]: It’s a hunch... but I think I know where we need to go.

[It cuts to a pair of Police cars driving onto Elm Street. As they head up the dirt road, Vicki looks upwards to see Fiend Mountain. ]

[Charles]: What are you looking at?

[Vicki]: Fiend Mountain. I've always wondered why they've called it that.

[Rob shifts uncomfortably, and coughs loudly. The police cars reach a fork in the road. ]

[Vicki]: To the left.

[Rob turns the wheel, heading left. The other car goes the same way. They eventually reach an old house. Rob and the others exit the cars, and walk up the stairs to the door. Rob knocks on the door. ]

[Rob]: Hello?

[He knocks on the door again. With no response, he opens the door, and begins walking in. The others follow him. ]

[Rob]: Arthur and Clark... to the living room. Girls to the Kitchen and Dining Room. Officers check the basement. Charles, come with me to upstairs.

[Charles and Rob slowly begin going upstairs, looking for any signs or clues as to where the person they're looking for is. Once they're on the second floor, they look in the bathroom, and then the study. ]

[Charles]: There's a door by the fireplace. Do you think?

[Rob]: Yes.

[Rob walks over, opens the door, and bursts in. He lets Charles in as the two look at the bed. ]

[Rob]: She was right. John King, the Mapmaker... he's dead.

Present Day Wikia Island - The Butler and King Hotel and Resort

The Last Known Whereabouts

Room 212

[Lego, Drillo, Omi, and Jack arrive in front of Room 212. Charles gives Jack the room key card, and walks away from the group.]

[Lego]: Let’s begin.

[Jack puts the room key card in, and opens the door. They walk inside, to find a perfectly normal room. ]

[Drillo]: That was... anti-climactic.

[Omi]: Just start looking if you want to live.

[The four of them begin to look around, as Jack motions Omi towards the window. ]

[Jack]: Now why would the blinds be covering the window? Hmm?

[Omi]: That is odd.

[Jack]: Perhaps.... if we just remove them...

[Jack grabs the blinds, and rips them off. On the mirror, is a message in what appears to be red blood. ]

The Time is in only Ten Days; beware for Death comes in many ways. 3-4-3-6-3.

[Lego]: What is tha-

[Omi]: We found it.

[Drillo and Lego walk over, observing the entire message. ]

[Lego]: Is that blood?

[Drillo]: No. I recognize that tint. This is paint.

[Jack]: How do you know?

[Drillo]: I work at a construction company, your honor. It's my job to know.

[As Jack, Drillo, and Lego discuss the window message, Omi takes a look around the adjoining bathroom. ]

[Omi]: Tell me there's something... something please...

[That's when he sees a random rag on the ground. When he sees this, he realizes something. ]


Name: Omi
Occupation: Attorney
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Omi]: As I'm looking at the rag, I realize that there are no other towels or rags in the entire bathroom. Just that one. By the looks of the rag, it appears to also be a bit wet. Could this rag be the thing that killed Scoot?

[Omi grabs the rag, puts it in his pocket, and returns to the group, as Jack mentions the numbers. ]

[Jack]: 34369. What could that mean?

[Lego]: Who knows.

[Drillo]: I think this is the only major thing we need to look at. I say we're done here.

[Omi]: Agreed, let's go.

[Omi and Jack leave first, as Lego and Drillo take a quick second scan of the room. ]

[Lego]: Did you find anything?

[Drillo]: No. If there was anything else, Omi and Jack must have found it.

[Lego]: We need to keep our eyes on them. Come on.

The Morgue

The Morgue

[Brandon, Omni, AB, and Speedy stare at the cold, dead corpse of Scoot. ]

[Brandon]: Now there's two dead...

[Omni]: This Killer is a psychopath.

[AB]: Most of us will be dead in a few days, except for those... "Five".

[Speedy]: Whom we don't know who they are, or why they're so important.

[Omni]: Let’s just get started.

[Omni and AB begin looking at the top part of the body, as Speedy and Brandon look near the legs. ]

[Brandon]: He's got bruises on the right leg, possibly from a chain.

[Speedy]: Observant for a School Teacher, don't you think?

[Brandon smiles for a second, and continues to examine the body. ]

[Speedy]: Yeah, it looks like the skin has been pulled downward. Forcefully.

[Brandon]: Observant for a Writer, don't you think?

[Speedy smiles back at him, as he smiles. ]

[Speedy]: So where are you from, Mr. Teacher?

[Brandon]: Everything City. And You?

[Speedy]: Chaturnville.

[Brandon]: Chaturnville, really? I would have taken you for a Partytown kind of gal.

[Speedy]: I swear, it’s true. I've lived in Chaturnville all my life.

[Brandon]: Alright, Alright.

[Speedy]: So seriously though, what do you teach?

[Brandon]: What every normal teacher teaches. Well for the grade I teach, that is.

[Speedy]: And what grade is that?

[Brandon]: Third.

[Speedy]: Sure...

[Brandon]: So what do you write, hmm? Have I read any of your books?

[Speedy]: Probably not, they're not really for the Teacher type.

[Brandon]: Let me guess. Teen romance novels.

[Speedy]: No, of course not. I do haunted stories.

[Brandon]: Ah, the unrealistic kind.

[Speedy]: Maybe you're being unrealistic about what's in your pants other than your wallet.

[Brandon]: Ouch.

[Speedy]: Too much?

[Brandon]: No, bad line. But who cares anyway, right?

[Brandon and Speedy smile at each other when Omni spots something. ]

[Omni]: There's something in his nose...

[Omni takes tweezers and pulls out a piece of cloth from Scoot's nose. ]

[Omni]: Scoot must have been drugged... but with what?

The Crime Scene

The Crime Scene

[Sub, Tyran, and Ultra are at the Pool. ]

[Sub]: I'm going to look into the pool, you should go around and check that there's nothing we might need to know on the poolside.

[Tyran]: Okay. On it.

[As Tyran looks at the pool equipment shack next to the Pool, Sub and Ultra look at the pool Scoot was in. ]

[Ultra]: Now what... what is that?

[Ultra looks closet at the pool, then wipes the sweat off his head. ]


Name: Ultra
Occupation: Comic Book Writer
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Ultra]: After observing the pool, I noticed something deep was in the pool. There appears to be some sort of chain and weight at the bottom. So somehow, Scoot may have been dragged down. I just wonder if there was more to this then before.

[Sub looks at the Weight and Chain, scratching his head. He then walks over to Tyran. ]

[Sub]: Did you find anything? Anything that may have led to Scoot's death?

[Tyran]: No. But I did find a used condom.

[Sub]: Gross. The pool has a chain and weight. Scoot had to have been pushed into the pool, and drowned. But that doesn't explain how he didn't scream for help when he was chained. That's what our allies in the Last Known and Morgue will tell us.

[Charles is searching for something in the library. As he does that, he notices something on a nearby table. On the table is a box with gift wrapping on it. Next to the gift is a piece of paper. Charles walks over, and reads the Paper. ]

[Charles]: "I thought you would like a gift, Charles. Just some extra motivation to look deeper into the past of the Staff you work with. Enjoy. "

[Charles looks at the paper. It was from the Wikia Island Police Station, from 25 Years ago. Charles looks back at the gift, and opens it up carefully. Removing the top, he walks away in shock. ]

[Charles]: I thought it was destroyed.... that's impossible...

[The camera walks over to the Gift. Inside the box is the Music Box, from all those years ago. ]

[Charles]: How... is that possible?


[It cuts to 1989. Charles, Officer Rob, Arthur, Clark, Vicki, and Diana are all staring at the dead body of John King. ]

[Vicki]: I can’t believe after all these years, he’s dead. The old mapmaker of the Island is dead.

[Officer Rob]: I knew John, when I was a boy. His brother, the Mayor... we were friends. Good friends I might add. But John soon found his own group of friends to be with. David and I joined a different group of friends, a group of three other friends. Including your father, Charles.

[Charles]: Wait. My father never told me he was one of the Mayor’s friends.

[Officer Rob]: Well, the Mayor and Richard had a falling out about 10 years ago.

[Charles]: Why? What happened?

[Officer Rob shifts uncomfortably. ]

[Officer Rob]: Because they had a disagreement about something. Now, let’s move the body to the Hospital, where the doctors can examine the body.

[Diana]: If I can, I wish to go with the body. My mother is a surgeon there. Maybe she knows something.

[Officer Rob]: As long as you don't get in the way, that's fine.

[Diana]: Thank you.

[Diana leaves with the body of John King, along with the other officers. ]

[Officer Rob]: Vicki and Clark, go tell the wife about what has happened. Also, round up a list of possible suspects. Arthur and Charles, I want you to look around the house for any clues or evidence, and try and figure out this damn riddle.

[Charles]: Yes sir.

[Officer Rob leaves the room with Vicki and Clark, as Charles and Arthur stay in the room. ]

[Arthur]: So... shall we?

[Charles]: Sure.

[Arthur and Charles take a look around the room. ]

[Arthur]: A messed up bed.... a glass of water on the side table.

[Charles sees the glass. ]

[Arthur]: Other than that, not much.

[Arthur and Charles walk out of the bedroom, and into the Study. They begin looking at the books, files, and other documents. ]

[Charles]: Can I ask you something?

[Arthur]: Sure, if you must.

[Charles]: It just seems to me, the way I see it, that you have something against me. Is that true?

[Arthur sighs, and faces Charles, holding a book in his hands. ]

[Arthur]: Yes Charles, Yes it is.

[Charles]: Why?

[Arthur]: Because Charles... look. You saved my life. I'm grateful for that. Then I helped you to repay the favor. But I didn't ask for this. To have to do community service. I have better things to do with my life.

[Charles]: Look, I didn't want this either, but I'm dealing with it...

[Arthur]: I've been friends with Clark, Diana, and Vicki since the third grade. We know each other. Then you come along and just... disrupt things.

[Charles]: Arth- are you threatened by me?

[Arthur]: To be honest, yes. But it’s not just that. You need to know something.

[Charles]: And what is that?

[Arthur]: Vicki is my sister.

[Charles]: What?

[Arthur]: Yes, she is my sister. Though she looks more like our mother then I do. So let me tell you this, as her brother. I know the way you two look at each other. So know that you need to keep both eyes open. Because if you do anything that might harm her, or hurt her in any way... I will make you regret it.

[Charles swallows, as Arthur goes back to looking for clues. ]

[Charles]: Wait a minute. There's some letters over here.

[Arthur]: What?

[Arthur walks over to Charles, and they look at the letters. ]

[Arthur]: "My dearest Madame, I have fallen for you. If I could sail away from this Island, I would go to the heavens and back with you. All to make you, the true love of my life happy. "

[Charles]: "Dear Madame, I find your body to be like the lovely Venus when she left the shell. You are the goddess, but I am merely a poor mortal. I am sorry that I could not be better. "

[Arthur]: Wait, here's a non-Madame letter.

[Arthur picks up a letter. ]

[Arthur]: " John, you arrogant man. Your Maps do not compare to mine, and nor will they ever. My Maps will make Wikia Island history. You are nothing. I am everything. "

[Charles]: Who sent that?

[Arthur]: Louis Nestle.

[Charles]: I know him. He's another Mapmaker, who lives a few miles into the jungle. I think we have a suspect now.

Present Day Wikia Island - The Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Cafe

[The Guests take special sandwiches and walks to different areas of the Cafe. ]

[Sub]: Alright, let’s go over here, away from the rest.

[Sub, Tyran, AB, Lego, Drillo, and Brandon walk to where Sub was pointing to, and sit down. ]

[AB]: This sandwich is fan-tasic.

[Drillo]: Indeed it is.

[Sub]: Now. What do you know?

[Lego]: The Time is in only Ten Days; beware for Death comes in many ways. 3-4-3-6-3.

[Sub]: I'm assuming that means something.

[Lego]: Yes, but we don't know what.

[Sub]: Of course you don't!

[Brandon]: He's had bruises on the right leg, possibly from a chain.

[Sub]: I saw a weight and a chain in the pool. So we have something to go on now. Scoot was chained to a weight and somehow got in the pool. Question is, how did he get chained?

[AB]: Omni found a small piece of cloth from his nose.

[Sub]: Drugged possibly. Interesting...

[It cuts to Omni, Speedy, Omi, Ultra, and Jack are talking. ]

[Omni]: So based on what you're telling me... Scoot was drugged with a rag. It happened in his room. The Killer we are dealing with painted a message on a window, warning about Death and something in ten days. We don't know what the code means. Scoot then was chained with a weight on it, and somehow went into the pool, and drowned. What drugged him though?

[Omi]: I have no idea.

[Jack]: We may find out later on.

[Ultra]: That is true, the Killer could give us a hint.

[Omni]: Alright. We wait.

1989 - John King's House

[Vicki and Clark walk over to an older woman, with a wedding ring on. ]

[Vicki]: Are you Joan King?

[Joan]: Yes.

[Vicki]: I'm Vicki, and this is Clark.

[Clark]: Hello.

[Vicki]: We're terribly sorry for your lost.

[Joan, frail]: Well... thank you children.

[Vicki]: I don't want to cause any trouble, but if there is anyone you can think of that would want to kill him, we need to know.

[Joan, concerned]: Why?

[Clark]: We're working with the Police. Kind of a community service thing.

[Joan]: Ooh... I see. Well... John did have a rival. Louis Nestle, I believe.

[Clark]: Anyone else?

[Joan]: Well no, I can't think of anyone else.

[Vicki]: Can you tell us what you did yesterday and today, before you learned about his death.

[Joan]: Well.... yesterday I woke up with him, we got dressed, and it happened to be both of our days off. So, after lunch we watched a film the two of us love. The Postman Always Rings Twice, the 1946 version mind you. As he was watching it, the mailman came to the door, and gave us an envelope. It was a letter from Louis Nestle. It was a coward's letter.

[Clark]: What then?

[Joan]: After then... he read the newspaper. I read a book. Then, Dinner, a little dancing and ... that was that yesterday. John took some medicine to sleep last night, and when I woke up he was still asleep. I decided I would let him be, and I would go to the beach to rest in the sun before I could come back here, and have to get ready for work. When I got back... you were all here and...

[Joan begins crying as Vicki offers him a tissue. ]

[Clark]: Again, we are truly sorry.

[Clark and Vicki walk away to another part of the home, and begin talking. ]

[Clark]: So we have a suspect. Louis Nestle.

[Vicki]: I say we have a talk with him.

[It cuts to 3 hours later. The five teens are in the same room together.]

[Charles]: So Louis Nestle claims he has nothing to do with it?

[Vicki]: Yes. Policemen are watching his house right now.

[Arthur]: Meanwhile, we found a series of letters to a "Madame" and one letter from Louis.

[Clark]: So John was cheating on his wife?

[Arthur]: Yes.

[Diana]: I took a look at the body with my mother. He died of a seizure. He had vomit on his clothes and body.

[Clark]: How did we miss that?

[Diana]: Don't ask me.

[Charles]: This doesn't add up. This is Murder, we know that. The riddle says so.

[Vicki]: I can't think of anyone else the riddle would apply to. It has to be him.

[Charles]: Okay. Let’s look again.

[Charles, Arthur, and Diana head upstairs while Vicki and Clark look downstairs. Diana heads to the Bathroom, while Charles and Arthur head to the Study. ]

[Charles]: What could we have missed?

[Arthur]: We have the letters on the Table... Maps, journals, some books even. Wait a minute, he has A Tale of Two Cities?

[Charles looks at him, not knowing what it is. Arthur notices this. ]

[Arthur]: It’s a book by Charles Dickens. I read books sometimes.

[Charles]: Okay. That's fine...

[Charles and Arthur continue looking around, when Charles notices sand near the fireplace. ]

[Charles]: Why is there sand here?

[Diana then shouts from the bathroom. ]

[Diana, shouting]: Guys, take a look over here!

[Arthur and Charles walk over, and look at Diana is holding. ]

[Diana]: It’s a receipt for Insomnia Medication. From the Pharmacy.

[Charles]: There's something you two need to see.

[Charles, Diana, and Arthur return to the Study. Charles points out the sand next to the fireplace. ]

[Arthur]: Sand.

[Charles]: Vicki said that Joan King was at the beach.

[Arthur]: And the love letters to "Madame" suggest he was cheating on her...

[Diana]: Which gives a motive as to why she might be the one behind this.

[Charles looks at the Fireplace, to see something. ]

[Charles]: There's a symbol in the fireplace. It looks like... a triangle.

[Diana]: A triangle in a Fireplace? That sounds like... wait a second. I remember now. I learned last year while I was getting books from the library that the normal triangle is the Alchemy Symbol for Fire.

[Charles]: Fire... Fireplace... Of course.

[Charles goes through the door to John King's bedroom. Charles at the wall the door is on to see a painting. Arthur comes in, and looks at the painting. He walks over to the bottom of the painting, and looks at its frame. Carved into the frame is a sentence. ]

[Arthur]: Neptune, God of the Seas.

[Charles]: Found Between Fire and Water...

[The two return to the lobby, with Diana confused. ]

[Charles]: The Riddle said "Found between Fire and Water". The Fireplace is Fire. The painting in his room is Water. There's something between these two rooms.

[Diana]: There's no chimney connecting here... I think you're right Charles. This Fireplace was never meant to be used.

[Arthur]: Let me try something.

[Arthur ducks down, going into the fireplace, and pushing on the Alchemy Symbol. The fireplace makes a loud clicking sound. Arthur gets out, as the fireplace begins moving. The left side begins moving forward as the right side remains in place. After moving 20 inches, it stops. Charles, Diana, and Arthur look at the side of the Fireplace. There, they see a small passage. ]

[Diana]: A secret passage? I've always wanted to go through one of these!

[Charles walks in first, followed by Diana, and Arthur at last. They walk a small bit before reaching a small room. Inside is a small table with a bottle, a letter, and an envelope. Next to the table is a chest. On the floor is sand from the beach. ]

[Charles]: My gosh...this is what they wanted us to find.

[Diana goes over to the bottle. Arthur follows her, and looks at the letter and envelope. ]

[Diana]: It says it is Chloral Hydrate. This is the medication. He must have overdosed.

[Arthur puts down the letter and envelope. ]

[Arthur]: We have bigger problems.

[He turns to Diana and Charles. ]

[Arthur]: This is a Madame letter. The Envelope has the address of whoever is "Madame".

[Charles]: The Killer Revealed Before the Next Slaughter... oh my gosh. She's going to kill her husband's lover.


Present Day Wikia Island - The Butler and King Hotel and Resort Lobby

[Charles stands before the guests with the Maid next to him. He is holding a plate with 11 keys on it. Next to the maid is a double-sided chalkboard. The side the guests can see is a drawing of the hotel in chalk. ]

[Charles]: Once again, the Killer has left me a message to give to you. You will solve his message, and when the first person to solve it does so, an air horn will sound, thus ending it. This riddle will give you the final clue you need to figure out how Scoot died.

[The Maid flips the chalkboard to the other side. On the second side, is the riddle. Charles then reads the riddle out loud.]

[Charles]: To find the truth you must go under the sea. Unlock the chains that set you free. Then, take the box and return to your room. If you have the wrong box, go back with a zoom. Open the box with a five digit code. After you unlock the box, go into your mode. Take the slip of paper and find the code on the title of a book of history. Perhaps then you'll get another piece of this Wikia Island Mystery.

[Charles then takes a moment for the guests to hear the entire riddle, and then says...]

[Charles]: Please, take a key and begin.

Music-icon Soundtrack - Riddle Me This

[The guests hurry to the plate, and each takes a key. Jack, Speedy, and Ultra head towards the pool, while AB, Drillo, and Tyran head to the Basement, Brandon, Lego, and Sub go to the Aquarium, and Omni and Omi remain at the Lobby, rereading the riddle. ]

[Omni]: To find the truth you must go under the sea...

[Omi]: Unlock the chains that set you free... Chains, like the ones Ultra saw at the pool. 

[Omni]: Then, take the box and return to your room. If you have the wrong box, go back with a zoom. There's multiple boxes. 

[Omi]: Open the box with a five digit code. The code from the last known whereabouts?

[Omni]: Probally. Take the Slip of Paper and find the code on the title of a book of history. Books... the library?

[Omi]: Worth a shot. But where do you think we need to go?

[Omni]: Our best shot is the pool. Lets go. 

[Omni and Omi head towards the pool as Jack, Ultra, and Speedy arrive there. What they find is a bunch of plastic "fake" coral, with fish swimming around, and 30 boxes at the very bottom. All the boxes are chained to different parts of the pool, and there's a lock on them.] 

[Jack]: I can't swim!

[Ultra]: Neither can I. I never learned how to. 

[Speedy]: I can though.

[Speedy takes off her shirt and pants to show only her bra and panties, and she jumps in head down. Going down, she unlocks a lock, grabs a box and swims back up. She puts the box on the edge of the pool, and Ultra grabs one, before giving Speedy his and Jack's keys. Speedy goes back down two more times, getting boxes and putting them on the edge, before getting out. As Omni, Omi, Sub, Lego, and Brandon arrive, Speedy gets out of the pool. Brandon stops running for a moment to see Speedy getting out of the pool, whipping her hair in a slow-motion fashion. The water going down her skin, the sun reflecting on her... Brandon blinks twice, returning to reality. ] 


Name: Brandon
Occupation: Teacher?
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Brandon]: Whoa. Just..... wow. Wow....

[Sub]: Come on! Don't stop!

[Brandon begins going to the pool again as Speedy puts back on her clothes, and Jack, Ultra, and Speedy begin leaving. Omni stops them though. ] 

[Omni]: What's the code from the Last Known Whereabouts?

[Ultra]: 3-4-3-6-3. 

[Omi]: Thanks. 

[Omni jumps into the pool without taking any clothes off, as does Omi. Omni comes to the surface with a box, as Sub jumps in. Omi comes to the surface, as Lego jumps in. Brandon jumps in as Sub comes out. It cuts to AB, Drillo, and Tyran at the basement. ] 

[AB]: Are you SURE this is under the ocean floor?

[Drillo]: It'd make sense. 

[Tyran]: Then where are the damn chains?

[Drillo]: I'm sure they're here somewhere... keep looking!

[It cuts to Jack, Ultra, and Speedy inside Scoot's room. They try putting in the code to open the boxes up, only to find nothing in them. ]

[Jack]: Damn. 

[It cuts to Omni and Omi finding nothing inside their boxes. ] 

[Omi]: Dang it. 

[Sub, Brandon, and Lego open their boxes to find nothing in them. ] 

[Sub]: We got to go back. 


Name: Sub
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Hometown: UNKNOWN

[Sub]: None of us had anything in our boxes, which means either the other group does or we still have to find the right box. 

[Everyone rushes back towards the pool, as Brandon and Speedy jump head first into the pool, trying to unlock chains and grab boxes. They each grab a box, and reach the surface as others begin going in as well. Brandon and Speedy then try opening their boxes. Brandon opens his box to find nothing in it. ] 

[Brandon]: Dang. 

[Speedy]: Yes!

[He turns around to see Speedy with a piece of paper in her wet hands. Omni, Omi and Jack see this, as Ultra comes out of the water with another box. ] 

[Omni]: Let's go!

[Sub comes out of the water with a box, seeing them run. ] 

[Brandon]: They have it. 

[Sub]: Great. Just great.

[Omni, Omi, Jack, and Speedy look at the Paper. ] 

[Speedy]: "991.00 SCI". Its a Dewey Decimal System code. 

[Jack]: Dewey Decimal System... each group of 100's is a particular subject, ten's are a particular part of that subject, and the one's are the most specific example. 

[Speedy]: Yes. 991.... it must be history. We need to look for a history book in the library. 

[Omni]: Let's go. 

[Ultra arrives at the scene and follows them. Everyone goes to the Library, where they lock the door, before beginning their search. ] 

[Jack]: Geography... Caligraphy... 

[Ultra]: Astronomy... Biology...

[Speedy]: Eww... 

[Omni]: What?

[Speedy]: There's a section in this library for a certain kind of "graphy". 

[Omi]: T.M.I.

[Ultra]: Agreed. 

[Omni]: I found History! Okay lets see. 900... 910... 920... 

[Everyone rushes over to where Omni is and begins searching for 991. ]

[Ultra]: Can't find it... 

[Omni]: I just did. 

[Omni points to a book with the code "991.00 SCI" on it. He takes out the book. ] 

[Omni]: A History of Wikia Island - By Daral Scidran. 

[Jack]: There's a paper in the book. Its sticking out. 

[Omni opens the book to the page that the Paper is on. He looks at the Paper. ] 

It would appear that you have solved my riddle. Congratulations, for now you can know that the drug that I used to knock Scoot out long enough to put a chain and weight on his leg was Chloroform. As for the purpose of having you find A History of Wikia Island, you will learn its purpose in this Mystery soon enough. Keep the book, winner until either A. You have solved the Mystery or B. You die. If you survive till the Mystery is solved, then I will know that you are truly one of the Five. If you die, well then I shall give it to someone else. Read this book, winner. It holds many secrets, and will help you learn the truth about Wikia Island. About what happened 25 years ago, and even before then...Enjoy this clue, and may the odds be ever in your favor. - Your Killer.

[An airhorn then sounds. ]

[Jack]: Looks like you solved the riddle, Omni. You should be proud of yourself.

[Omni looks at the paper, before closing the book, staring at the cover. The cover of a book that will play into future events and work towards the Fiend's mysterious motives.... ]



Music-icon Soundtrack - To Stop a Killer

[Vicki, Charles, and Arthur come down the stairs to face Officer Rob, who is talking with Vicki and Clark. ]

[Charles]: Do you know where Joan King works?

[Vicki]: She works at the Pharmacy. Why?

[Charles]: We need to call there. Now.

[It cuts to Officer Rob using the King's land line phone. He waits until a voice answers. ]]

[Voice]: Wikia Island Pharmacy, how may I help you?

[Officer Rob]: Hi Alicia, this is Officer Rob. Does Joan King have to work today?

[Alicia, on the Phone]: Let me check.

[There's a brief pause. ]

[Alicia, on the Phone]: No, she does not. Today is her day off. Why might I ask?

[Officer Rob]: I'll explain later. Thank you.

[Officer Rob slams down the phone, and nods at Charles. The Officer, the teens, and other officers race out of the house, and into the police cars. Charles sits next to Officer Rob. ]

[Officer Rob]: Where exactly are we heading?

[Charles]: 5297 Founder Street.

[Officer Rob]: I know that house...

[Officer Rob turns on the Police lights to his car, and starts heading onto the road. Two other police cars follow him. It cuts to police cars on the edge of the road, driving at 50 miles per hour. A car drives by them, as they keep driving. Eventually, they reach a house next to the beach. There's a green car next to a brown car. Clark points it out to Vicki. ]

[Clark]: That's Joan's car. I saw it while she was at her house.

[Everyone steps out, and begins heading towards the house. Officer Rob positions his men towards the sides of the houses, and mouths 3... 2.. 1.. before clicking the door open. He steps in, gun ready to fire. After checking the lower floor, he heads upstairs. The five teens follow him, as they head upstairs. Suddenly, screaming is heard. ] 

[Woman's voice]: Please, don't! Please!

[Second Voice]: Shut up! NOW!

[Rob kicks open the door, aiming the gun at Joan King, who goes behind a woman with a gun pushing into her head. ] 

[Rob]: Joan King... you don't want to do this. 

[Joan]: To hell with that! Do you know the truth? 

[Everyone is quiet as Joan begins unravelling even more. ]

[Joan]: DO YOU?

[Charles]: We know why you killed John. We know the truth. 

[Joan]: Then you all know that he... was sleeping with this ungrateful horror. 

[Woman]: I'm sorry, I didn't know he was married...

[Joan]: I said Shut up!

[Clark]: Mrs. King, I know this must be all shocking to you but murder is no way to let out your feelings. 

[Joan]: He ... slept with her. They wrote letters back and forth! "Madame" ... she is no goddess. She is a horror!

[Officer Rob]: I'm sorry that he was cheating on you, but please Joan, you're already in enough trouble killing John with the Choloral Hydrate. Don't get yourself in any more trouble. 

[Joan]: He deserves to d-

[Charles]: Live! She deserves to live, and know the consquences of her actions. Death would be a quick punishment. Don't you want her to suffer?

[Officer Rob whispers to Charles. ] 

[Rob]: Charles... stop...

[Charles, whispers]: I know what I'm doing...

[Joan]: Yes. 

[Charles]: Then don't let her die. Let her live. Let her know that she was a married man's lover, let her know that she caused him to die, and caused a good marriage to break apart. Let her suffer emotionally. Let the emotions she feels torture her for the next 30 years! Death is too easy. Drop the gun, and you win. 

[Joan considers this, her hands shaking. As she thinks, Diana takes a step forward. ] 

[Diana]: Please, Mrs. King. 

[Joan looks at them, and drops the gun, before falling to her knees. The woman flees, running towards Charles, as she hugs him. Charles, in shock hugs back as Officer Rob arrests the woman. Joan is crying, as Officer Rob picks her up, and walks away with her. Vicki looks at Charles, smiling. ] 

Present Day Wikia Island - The Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Cafe

[It cuts to the Present-Day guests, wearing suits (with the exception of Speedy, who is wearing a simple dress) at the Cafe. They are eating fine dining, when Charles arrives with a bunch of envelopes in his hand.]

[Charles]: Moments ago, you revealed to the Confessional who you thought, out of the eleven of you who the Killer was, and how they killed Scoot. Now, I am here to reveal whose theories excelled, and which theories were quickly debunked.

[Everyone looks at each other. ]


Name: Alexander Cloon Dämon Barnsworth aka "AB"
Occupation: Doctor
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[AB]: I should have gone to the pool, it was obvious. But Drillo... the fool.


Name: Omni
Occupation: Cop
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Omni]: I know how they died, but something... something seems wrong. 

[Charles]: Congratulations, Omni. You will be kept alive, for being able to connect the dots faster and better than everyone else. Good job.

[Omni]: Thank you Charles. 

[Charles]: However, for the rest of you... it is time to learn how Scoot's death led him to go under the sea.

[Begin Flashback]

[A person is in dark clothes, holding a bottle of Choloform. ]

[Charles, voiceover]: "Scoot's death had to be interesting, so I decided to drug him first with Choloform, a Killer's ultimate drugger. "

[It shows Scoot sleeping, before the Killer hovers over Scoot. Scoot wakes up, but the Killer puts a rag with Chlorform on it on Scoot's face, knocking him out. ]

[Charles, voiceover]: "Knocking Scoot out, I went to the pool storage and got my weight and chain. Important for my plot."

[It cuts to Scoot being chained to a weight, and The Killer shoving Scoot into the pool. ]

[Charles, voiceover]: "I put a chain around Scoot's leg, with a heavy weight on it. I then with all my might, which wasn't easy mind you, put Scoot in the pool for him to drown. He wasn't one of the Five, and I knew that as he drowned, and died."

[End Flashback]

[It returns back to the Cafe, with Charles reading this. ]

[Charles]: Until tomorrow, your killer. "

[Speedy]: Wow.

[Tyran]: My gosh.

[Charles starts giving envelopes to everyone, starting with Omni on the right side, then Speedy, followed by Tyran, Lego, and Drillo. He then walks around towards Brandon, giving him an envelope, followed by Jack, AB, and Omi. Charles then faces the entire group. ]

[Charles]: In these envelopes is a card. If you have done well enough, you will get an "Alive Card". If you did not, you and at least one other person will get an "In Danger Card". And one of the "In Dangers" will not survive to find out who committed murder. Now... Tyran, will you open your card?

[Tyran]: Alright.

[Tyran opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Speedy.

[Speedy opens up her letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Sub

[Sub opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Lego

[Lego]: Oh my gosh…

[Lego opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Drillo.

[Drillo opens up his letter, and he sighs. He pulls out an IN DANGER card. ]

[Brandon]: I’m sorry, man.

[Charles]: Jack

[Jack opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Ultra

[Ultra]: Oh my gosh…please let me have an Alive card. Please...

[Ultra opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Omi

[Omi opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: AB

[AB opens up his letter, and pulls out an IN DANGER card. ]

[AB]: This is your fault, Drillo!

[Charles]: Brandon

[Brandon opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Goodnight. 

[Charles leaves, as the Maid shows up. ] 

[Maid]: Charles. 

[Charles looks at the Maid. ] 

[Charles]: Yes?

[Maid]: I was cleaning your room eariler today and I noticed you had a music box in your room. 

[Charles, uncomfortable]: Yes, I do have one. 

[Maid]: It is a lovely music box. I had one once... similar to it. 

[Charles]: Really? That would be shocking...

[Maid]: Anyway, if you don't mind, I'll be going to sleep now. Goodnight, Charles. 

[Charles]: Goodnight. Oh and please, allow me to clean my own room. 

[Maid]: Right. 

[The Maid walks away as Charles watches her. ] 

[Charles]: "That doesn't just apply to the others..... there are others who are not being truthful". 

[Charles watches the Maid disappear from his view, as he comes to a realization that the Maid is the one the Killer was referring to.]

Woman's House - Wikia Island - 1989

[Charles is talking with the woman Joan King was attempting to kill on her couch. ] 

[Charles]: Are you sure you are alright?

[Woman]: Yes, I think so. I just... I wish John didn't have to die. You were right. 

[Charles]: I didn't mean for any of what I said to hurt you. I only said that to convince her to spare you. 

[Woman]: I thank you for that. But ... I had hoped to tell John something today. 

[Charles]: What?

[Woman]: I wanted... to tell him that I'm with child. His child.

[Charles looks at the Woman, as she rubs her bully. It cuts to Clark thinking. Vicki walks over to him. ] 

[Vicki]: Everyone okay Clark?

[Clark]: Somethings not right. As Joan was put in the police car, I asked her if she called us. She swore she didn't. 

[Vicki]: But, she had to. 

[Clark]: I don't think so. I mean, why would Joan want for us to know that she killed her husband, only for her to say she didn't? It doesn't add up.

[Vicki]: I ... I don't know.

[Clark]: There's another thing. The riddle said "The Killer Revealed before the next Slaughter.'You have Twenty Four Hours. 'I'll Be Watching in the Towers". What if Joan wasn't what the twenty four hours was for? What if this whole thing was part of something else? 

[Vicki]: What? Clark... 

[Clark]: It said The Killer revealed before the next slaugther. Whoever gave the riddle knew Joan was going to try and kill this woman next. But then it said I'll Be Watching in the Towers". That sounds like Joan isn't the riddlegiver. There's someone else, and I think this whole thing ... it may be part of it. So I looked at places with towers on the Island, and I found only one place with towers. The Old Spanish Church. 

[It cuts back to Charles in the King House. He is looking around in the study, as the officers look at the bathroom. Charles looks around, and quietely shuts the study door, before locking it. He turns to the fireplace, and presses the Alchemy Symbol for Fire. The fireplace moves again, and Charles arrives in the room between the walls. He looks at the chest. ] 

[Charles]: Why is this chest here?

[Charles walks towards it, and gets on his knees. He puts his fingers on what appears to be a family crest with the word BUTLER on it. Charles lifts up the chest, and looks inside. Inside are multiple items, including a key, a pile of books, and a picture of the Old Spanish Church. ] 

The Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Room 208 (Tyran's Room) - Wikia Island - 2014

[Tyran is getting his pajamas on, sighing. ] 

[Tyran]: I'm surprised I haven't gone mad yet... 

[He turns around to notice a file at the edge of his door. ] 

[Tyran]: How did that get there?

[Tyran walks over to the file and opens it up. Inside the file is a packet of papers with mathmatical numbers on it and a key card. The card says SPECIAL PASS TO HOTEL LAB. ] 

[Tyran]: An Equation... a lab.... all part of the mystery I suppose. Well, it seems this scientist has work to do.

[It cuts to Charles, going to bed. ]

[Charles]: If he thinks I'm going to play his sick game... but at the same time, I am curious... what is she hiding?

[Charles looks at the Music Box on a table in his room. As he lays down, a storm is brewing outside, as the camera focuses on the Hotel's lit sign. ]

The Butler Dies00:27

The Butler Dies

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