On January 9, 2015, it was confirmed on Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki that NickFusi0n is working on a massive project set to be released later this year. Before that, Nick has also mentioned the project around New Years.

As hinted by Nick's avi, the project will be, to some extent, unveiled on February 7, 2015.

On February 7, Nick's birthday, the project's first teaser image was revealed, showing what appears to be a medieval setting with the supposed tagline "Freedom is peace, but both require power.". However, the name and further information such as the airdate and plot is currently unknown. It was also revealed that the project would be the spiritual successor to G.E.A.R, an old cancelled project of Nick.


Currently, nothing is known about the project and what it's about, but as hinted by the teaser image, it's possible the project will have a medieval setting.


The project is set to be released later in 2015. According to Nick, "no earlier than June".

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