Veronica Lang is an upcoming supporting character in Attack on Titan: Gale.


Veronica was born to Skrill Lang, the commander of the eastern Garrison forces. As a child, her father didn't pay much attention to her due to him being busy as a high-ranking authority in the military. Growing up, she showed natural talent in hand-to-hand combat and even had early military training. After graduating, she ranked 1st in the Top 10 and the best in the 105th Trainee Corps overall.


Veronica's personality is closely a mix between Annie's and Ymir's in the canon series. Because of her high-level combat skills, she often tends to look down on others and tease them. She has the attitude of a leader and, despite her ignorance, she prefers teamwork over working alone and doesn't diss weaker teammates, but instead encourages them to be stronger and more confident. 


She wears the standard Trainee Corps jacket, and beneath it, a white sweatshirt. She has long blond hair and is around the same height as Nick, making her taller than most other soldiers.


Veronica Lang's Statistics:

Battle Skill
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - Veronica is a professional at close range combat. She uses a fighting style similar to Annie's but instead of attacking the opponent's feet she most of the time flips and throws them away. Her signature move is a leg sweep, followed by a kick from the other leg to the side.
  • Titan Killing and 3DMG - Despite not showing any distinctive skills when fighting Titans, she is extremely fast and, like Nick, uses her momentum to gain speed and altitude. She is extremely accurate with the blades.

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