Species: Iupult
Home planet: Gouchang
Body type: Humanoid Animalistic
Abilities: Super Strength
Enhanced Speed
Caffeine Gas Emission
Strong Claws
Predator/Prey: Pillows
1st appearance: Unknown

Wakey-Wolfy is an Iupult from Gouchang. He is the predator of Pillows, and will appear in a future season.


Wakey-Wolfy is a humanoid wolf the size of Ultimate Humongousaur. The inside of his ears are pink, and he has massive muscles. His mouth is curvy, with sharp teeth. He has four fingers and three toes, all with very sharp claws. On his bottom, he has a gray tail that looks much like Benwolf's.


Wakey-Wolfy's great size gives him super strength. He is strong enough to pull a giant tree straight out of the ground. Despite his hugeness, he can run about as fast as a cheetah. Wakey-Wolfy is durable enough to withstand 3 skyscrapers knocked on top of him. He also has a sonic howl about half as powerful as Benwolf's, and is agile enough to dodge more than 20 missiles.

Wakey-Wolfy's claws are extremely sharp, and can slash through most materials, even steel, with little effort. His claws are sharp enough to reduce the Eiffel Tower to bits. Wakey-Wolfy's hearing, smelling, and sight are very good. He can hear, see, and smell anything 3/4 of a mile away. He can see in the dark as well as he can see in the day.

In Wakey-Wolfy's ears are tiny dots. Wakey-Wolfy can emit gasses containing 78.023% caffeine, and can do this for 20 seconds straight. His teeth are almost as sharp as his claws. He is not able to fall asleep.


Wakey-Wolfy is afraid of fire.

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