Weirdo Knights is a fictional RPG by Ship.


  • yawn*

You wake up next to an eagle in some Blue Jeans (Power = 20), a Green Sweater (Power = 15), and a Top Hat (Power = 15).

The eagle talks to you.

"You may choose either the path of the Ranger (Offense), Barbarian (Offense), Knight (Defense), Samurai (Defense), Ninja (Speed), or Shapeshifter (Speed)."

If you choose Ranger, you get Old Bow (15) (Weapon). If you chose Barbarian, you get Wooden Club (25). If you chose Knight, you get Wooden Shield (5) (Armor). If you chose Samurai, you get Old Gloves (5). If you chose Ninja, you get Black Socks (10) (Boots). If you chose Shapeshifter, you get Gecko Feet (15).

  • Rangers begin with: 10 Intelligence, 5 Strength, 1 Speed, 0 Reproduction
  • Barbarians: 0 Intelligence, 10 Strength, 1 Speed, 5 Reproduction
  • Others TBA

"Now, you learn a skill."

You get the skill of your path:

  • Ember Projectile (Ranger, burns enemy, Battle skill)
  • No Shirt Shirt (Barbarian, you gain one Strength every time you eat, Passive skill)
  • Good Knight (Knight, HP +25 every time used, Buff)
  • MEGA SLICE (Samurai, Critical hits appear often, Passive skill)
  • Others TBA


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