Season 1, Episode 112
Air date October 26th, 2013
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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A Natural Death

The Following Section is non-canon to the plot of the episode. This is just a brief commentary at the beginning of the episode. 

[Sci]: Greetings and Saluations folks, my name is Sci100 and this... is the season finale of MURDER!

Music-icon Soundtrack - Audience Clap

[Sci]: I would just like to thank all the people who read this new hit show, I didn't expect a lot but I thank you for taking the time to read the show. Now, I know that many of you have been guessing who the Killer is. I would just like to say this. Its not me. 

Music-icon Soundtrack - Audience Laughs

[Sci]: Oh and Charles and Melina the maid actually did do it. 

Music-icon Soundtrack - Audience Gasp

[Sci]: Too soon? Okay. Anyways... I would just like to thank a couple of people. Firstly, I would like to thank the twelve users who signed up for Season One you helped make a great show. I espically thank the Killer for not revealing who he was until this upcoming episode. I would also like to apologize to Omni and Drillo for not putting them in Season One, but at least now you get to be in Season Two to I hope everything's good. I'd also like to apologize to Bloxx, Dark, and Paper. Bloxx, I'm sorry I made you a douchebag in the season. Dark and Paper... sorry for giving you alochol issues. Actually, screw this. I apologize to everyone because in this episode we find out dirty secrets and... they're not good. Not good at all so I'm sorry if I make you do some horrible thing. 

Music-icon Soundtrack - Cricket Noise

[Sci]: Thank You as well Ultra for coming up with a theory about who would die and who you thought the Killer was. By know you know that Sol is not the Killer. You don't know this though. Your entire planet theory... was never thought of by me. Any deaths in your order is just by accident. I just choose the people who I knew couldn't win and just went from there. 

Music-icon Soundtrack - Audience Laughs

[Sci]: Just kidding, I just went with how I felt and where the plot could go. Sorry RG, Reo, and Sklei. But hey... you weren't the first ones killed off, eh? EH? 

Music-icon Soundtrack - Audience Laughs

[Sci]: So thank you one and all. Now some of you could be thinking about the cliffhanger in the last episode and my recent blog which gives potienal spoilers. Well, that was a mistake but I think its still a good cliffhanger. I hope you are completly shocked by who the Killer is, and you create a riot by asking " Seriously? Him? Of all people? " because yes, I wasn't a sucker who was gonna have Paper or Toon as the Killer. Sklei... well with all that Forever Knight hate I mean, its not impossible he couldn't have been the Killer. Anyways, enough about me and.... enjoy the episode.

P.S - Oh and The End of Wikia is still on hiatus. You're welcome Nick. 

P.P.S - 
Hashtag Charles

This concludes the non-canon commentary for the Season Finale of MURDER. Get ready to read the beginning of this episode. 

" Thirteen Mortals have arrived here to play a diabolical game of life, or death. For one of these Mortals is not who everyone thinks they are...for this, ladies and gentlemen is a game… of Murder. " 

It zooms across to the other side of the Manor as it shows clips from the previous episode.

" And Last time on MURDER... "  

[The 13 guest walk around the main hall of the manor. On the nearby table are thirteen glasses of champagne. ]

[Sci]: Oh look, there’s champagne!

[Toon]: Oh wow.

[It shows everyone looking around the Manor, especially their rooms when… CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone, startled wonders were that loud noise came from. Paper, Reo, DF, Toon, Jon, and Sol exit their rooms first and look around.]

[Toon]: Oh my god… Sci… WHAT HAPPENED?

[Everyone sees Sci, with a rope on his throat, strangled as he lays on the floor, with a broken chandelier on him, and glass stabbing him, and on the floor everywhere. Suddenly, Charles arrives and pushes through the crowd to see Sci. ]

[Charles]: Oh dear. It has begun.

[It cuts to the Athens Lounge Room, inside Wikia Manor. ]

[Charles]: Gentlemen, you have all witnessed what is the beginning of a game. A game of Life and Death.

[Charles, voiceover]: Sci was hanged...  RG was shocked...  Sklei blew up...  Reo was decapicated...  DF was mauled...  Bloxx flammed out... Toon was drained...  Jon was burned with a chill...   Paper was shot in the spine ...and Sol was stabbed in the ear. 

[It cuts to the video in the Survillance room. ] 

[Sol, in the video]: Rot. Thirteen. Caesar. R-E-Z-N-P.

[The Killer]: Shut up... 

[Charles]: Why is it always me who has to deal with the lunatics? 

[Charles sighs once more, closing his closet. He looks over to his desk, to see a series of picture frames. One has a picture of a younger Charles, with 4 other friends, two guys, two girls. Another holds a postcard from an island. A third holds a picture of fifteen people. Fifteen males, each bearing a similarity to the 13 guests and Charles, except for one other person. The image is in black and white. ] 

[Charles]: Doesn't matter where I am. On an island in my younger years... or in a manor in my adulthood. I always seem to find trouble. It always seems to come to me. I just want this to end. 

Music-icon Soundtrack - Rectifier

[A shadow moves around the Survillance Room. The Shadow begins to type. The computer begins to malfunction, as the Shadow walks away. It cuts to a seperate room, full of items. A bottle of Chlorform, the silencer gun, a fish tank with an eel in it, and others. The Shadow appears once more, revealing the shadow to be the Killer. ] 

[The Killer]: Today... it all ends. 

[On a board nearby are pictures of Sci, RG, Sklei, Reo, DF, Bloxx, Toon, Jon, Paper and Sol moments before they were killed. The Killer walks over to his knive collection, sharpning them. He then walks over to see the dead bodies of Sci, RG, Sklei, Reo, DF, Bloxx, Toon, Jon, Paper, and Sol. ] 

[The Killer]: Today, I create life! Today! I bring back those who wronged my family! Today... I end my wrath. 

[Flipping a switch, a few machines begin to move. The Machines carry Scapels, as they begin to cut into the dead bodies. It cuts to later, when the machines are now putting metal pieces into the bodies. In the meanwhile, the Killer is preparing something else. He is putting in an mechanism into an object. Finally, the machines are done. ] 

[The Killer]: At last. Now let's give a bit of a test run, shall we?

[The Killer takes out his phone, and presses a button. There's a quick shake of the ground. Clicking is heard as it gets louder and louder. As noises are heard... suddenly..... Sci's hand raises upward. ] 


[It cuts to the morning. Dark is drinking some wine in the Dining Room as Nick arrives. ] 

[Nick]: So that means... 

[Dark]: That means... 

[Suddenly, they hear something. Dark and Nick see Ermac arrive as well, only he's laughing. ] 

[Nick]: What's going on?

[Ermac]: Oh nothing... just facing my insanity from this experience. 

[Suddenly, one of the maids appears. Its Melina. She gives a letter to Dark. Dark opens the letter up. ] 

[Dark]: Its from the Killer. " Congrats! I have not killed you today because I realized that the two of you who are not me are true detectives. You live. To reward you, I have decided to let you take a drive in the Limo from the Manor to a special location. You must not be worried. I swear you will not die during this trip. " 

[Nick]: Yes! We get to leave!

[Nick, Ermac, and Dark walk out of the Manor and see a Limo in the Driveway. They get in, where they see bottles of Champagne and glasses. Closing the door, as the Limo drives away from the Manor, they pop open the bottle and begin to drink it. A few minutes pass by as they drink the delicious wine. ] 

[Ermac]: This is unreal. 

[Nick]: I know right. 

[Dark]: I just don't know why he would let us. 

[Ermac]: Wait. I just realized something. We never saw our driv-

[Suddenly, the Limo spirals out of control. Champagne spills to the ground as the car makes a giant U-turn. ] 

[Ermac]: Now you know what I mean. 

[As a few more minutes pass, they realize where the car is heading. Back to Wikia Manor. ] 

[Nick]: Guys, this is our driveway... we're back. Oh god, there's more... 

[When the car stops, everyone races out, scared that something will happen. ] 

[Nick]: Go Go Go!

[Dark]: Where is Charles? 

[Ermac]: Oh my gosh... CHARLES?!

[They hurry into the Grand Room, where they see its changed. There's a new couch. A giant TV is in there as well.] 

[Ermac]: What the heck... 


Name: Ermac270
Occupation: Author
Hometown: Wookie City, Wikia

 [Ermac]: We drive away, then get a U-turn, return back, and now there's a TV. Something tells me this is not going to be any normal day. Espically since... um... we're all still alive! All three of us!

[Suddenly, the TV flickers on. They look in horror as they see Charles. He's in a dark location with one light shining in his face, tied to a chair with nearly a hundred guns aimed at his head. ] 

[Charles]: Hello Gentlemen. 

[Dark]: What?!

[Charles]: As you can see... I'm a little bit tied up at the moment. 

[Nick]: Charles, how did you get stuck there?

[Charles]: I'm afraid I haven't got much time before the timer goes off. I have been kidnapped and put somewhere in this manor. If you don't find me... I'm afraid I will die. And if you don't solve the impending crime... and figure out who has committed Murder... we will all meet a very similar fate. 

[Suddenly, the room begins to fill with large clouds of smoke. As everyone begins to cover their noses and mouths, the TV turns to static. ]  

[Dark]: Oh my gosh... where is this smoke coming from?

[Ermac]: Dark? You there? Nick?

[There's no sound of Nick's voice. ] 

[Ermac]: NICK?

[Dark]: Ermac, is that you?

[Ermac]: Yeah, I can't hear Nick... 

[Nick, shouting]: I'm here! I'm alive!

[Ermac]: Where is this smoke coming from?

[Nick]: I don't know... 

[As they try and look around, the smoke remains for a period of time. Then, it begins to disappear. As the smoke begins to clear, they see the maids are missing. ] 

[Dark]: Where is Melina and Erica?

[Nick]: Oh god.

[Ermac]: You don't think...

[Nick]: When Charles said the impending crime, I don't think he meant himself. 

[Dark]: He meant the maids. 

[Ermac]: How could the Killer kill them both without us seeing who they are?

[Nick]: I don't know, but I mean, this could be for all we know the Last Known Whereabouts. 


Name: NickFusi0n
Occupation: Nuclear Scientist, former inmate
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Nick]: Somehow, I think Dark has pulled off this Murder. I mean, he has never gotten an In Danger card. However, I'm questioning why Ermac and/or I haven't been killed yet, unless the Killer never intended to kill anyone. 

[Nick]: I don't see blood, tracks, etc... 


Name: Darktriggerhappy
Occupation: Construction Worker (formerly); Unemployed
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Dark]: We're looking for something different, something that could give us a hint as to who the Killer is, where the maids are, or something. 

[As everyone is looking around, the TV flickers back to life, a red bloody question mark appears on the screen, and an audio is heard. It's the voice of the Killer, modified and filled with static, so they can't figure out who the Killer really is.] 

[The Killer, on the TV]: Dear Mortals.... 

[Everyone looks at the TV, disturbed and shocked. ] 

[The Killer, on the TV]: May I have your attention please.... 

[Everyone slowly walks forward as more audio is played. ] 

[The Killer, on the TV]: Approach the Screen... if you want to appease. 

[Everyone slowly sits down on the couch. ] 

[The Killer, on the TV]: Welcome to your last day of life here at Wikia Manor. I have vanished before you... but what does it matter?

[As everyone looks in shock, the audio continues. ] 

[The Killer, on the TV]: Two of you will die soon anyway. So listen quite closely ... to what I have to say. 

[Nick]: Alright... 

[The Killer, on the TV]: Amid the smoke I disappeared in your doom. Its your task now to find me in this room. When Paper died I gave you a three digit code. If you recall it, go into your mode. 

[Ermac]: Three digit code... 

[The Killer, on the TV]: If you forget it, find hints in the parlor. Just don't be alarmed if one of you holler. Whoever finds the passage of ... "Thy will be Done" ... will have quite the advantage for what is to come. 

[The TV shuts off automaticly then. Ermac, Nick, and Dark hurry towards the window spot, and they see the numbers are no longer there. Ermac, Nick, and Dark then hurry towards the Parlor. In the Parlor, they find a chessboard with 6 pieces, then one piece in the row in front of it, and then in the row in front of that, 3 pieces. Six-One-Three. Ermac, Nick, and Dark look around, and also see a painting with a 6, then a 1, and finally a 3 on it.  ] 


Name: NickFusi0n
Occupation: Nuclear Scientist, former inmate
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Nick]: I see the chessboard.... and the painting... its clear that the number is 6-1-3. Now I just need to figure out which room the Killer is referencing. 

[Everyone continues to look around as Dark focuses on the painting. ]

[Dark]: Is that a three?

[That's when Nick realizes the place and begins to run. ] 


Name: NickFusi0n
Occupation: Nuclear Scientist, former inmate
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Nick]: I remember noticing a door attached to the Grand Room that we never opened. It has a digital lock so this must be the code. 

[Nick enters the Grand Room, finds the door, and begins pushing in the code. Ermac and Dark are not far behind him. The Door unlocks, and Nick opens the door. What he finds is shocking. ]

[Nick]: Oh my gosh... 


Music-icon Soundtrack - Blackbeard (until 2:21 - stop there)

[Nick opens the door. As he opens the door, the three guests rush in. Inside are all the murder weapons.  A rope, a tank filled with electric eels, the instructions to a bomb, a mechanism to a gravestone, a bottle of cyanide, a bottle of benezene and a slingshot, a bottle of Chloroform and some scalpels, a bottle of ricin, and a gun with a silencer. ]

[Nick]: All the weapons...

[Nick also spots other items. Pictures of the guests are lying all around, as well as a collection of knives. Dark and Ermac also enter, and begin to look around. ] 

[Dark]: What the hell... 

[Ermac has nothing to say, just staring at all the evidence grimly. Everyone looks around the room as the attention finally reaches two coffins. ] 

[Dark]: Is that... 

[Nick]: Oh gosh... 

[Ermac]: There's only one way to find out. We have to open it. 

[Dark]: I'm not su-

[Ermac]: Do we really have another option? We need to know. 

[Nick]: I'll do it. 

[Nick slowly walks towards the coffins. As he slowly goes toward the Coffin, Ermac notices a piece of wire slightly above the floor. Ermac finds where it ends. Its connected to two switches on two different ends of the room. The wire then continues onwards where it reaches a small box. This then is connected to two wires that are attached to the coffin's hatches. ] 

[Ermac, whispering to himself]: Rube Goldberg machine... 

[Ermac then realizes Nick is almost at the line. ] 

[Ermac]: STOP!

[Nick]: Wait Wha-

[Nick breaks the wire as the switches fall downwards. Suddenly, parts of the wall open up and axes open. The Axes sling forward. ] 

[Nick]: WHAT THE FU-

[Nick drops to the ground as the axes change their course and sling towards Dark and Ermac. Ermac ducks downward under a table. Dark jumps downward, knocking on an object. The axes continue to swing as the coffins open up. Suddenly, the doors burst open and figures come out, lifted out by some machine. The figures carry machine guns that begin to fire everywhere. Nick rolls over, knocking down the table with the pictures of the guests. Ducking behind the table, Nick shouts. ] 



[Nick, shouting]: YEAH... Um, THAT. 

[The guns continue to fire, and they nearly hit Dark. The door is damaged, the walls get holes in them, and the wires connected to the axes snap, crashing two feet to the left of Ermac. ] 


[Nick, shouting]: I'M TRYING TO STAY ALIVE HERE!

[Ermac, shouting]: HURRY UP FOR MOTHER OF SAKES!

[Ermac flips his table, knocking down most of the weapons, except the Silencer gun, and the two bottles of toxins. Dark crawls over, grabbing the silencer gun and then gonig behind the same table Ermac is hiding behind. ] 

[Ermac]: What the heck are you doing?

[Dark]: Taking a shot... 

[Ermac]: A bit suspicious... 

[Dark]: Are you SERIOUSLY accusing me in the middle of a warzone?

[Ermac]: Well yea- um, just fire. 

[Dark aims at the machine guns, before firing. Nick watches as the bullet silently is fired, and all time slows down. The bullet spins around, flying in the air as the machines guns slowly fire as well. The bullet hits one of the two machine guns, moving it over to the other, knocking that one over, and then making both fall, ending the firing. Nick, Ermac, and Dark slowly get up. Walking over, they look into the eyes of Melina and Erica the maids. They are the figures. Both are dead. They've been stabbed in the throat. ] 

[Dark]: Well that's... gruesome. 

[Ermac]: Well I did never like them. 

[Nick]: And they were creepy. 

[Dark]: ... are you serious? They were just killed. 

[Ermac]: I know but still. 

[Dark]: Whatever. 

[Nick]: Wait, what's tha-

[There's a black object sticking out Melina's dress. It's coming out of her bra. ] 

[Nick]: Um shou-

[Dark]: Well I mean she's dead so... 

[Nick]: Okay... 

[Nick reaches to grab it, and then pulls out the black object. Its a black puzzle piece. ] 

[Nick]: A puzzle piece... 

[Nick flips the puzzle piece over and finds a message on it. ]

[Nick]: " I saw with my eyes Melina and Erica weep, This puzzle piece is yours to keep. Use it wisely during my instruction, while this room remains under construction. Return to your rooms to resume your rest, an airhorn will sound when its time for my test." 

[Ermac]: Under construction... nice play on words. 

[Dark]: Well... whatever its worth, I'm sorry Melina. And Erica. 

[Nick]: Alright well, lets go. 

[Everyone tries to exit the room, but its locked. They attempt to unlock it, but its jammed.  ] 

[Ermac]: Seriously?

[Dark then grabs a crowbar from nearby and bashes the lock. The door then unlocks and opens. ] 

[Ermac]: Nevermind. 

[Everyone exits the room, and head upstairs as the camera zooms away from Wikia Manor. It cuts to around an hour later, with everyone in their rooms. Nick looks at the ceiling, thinking. ] 

[Nick]: I know something is going on, and that today is like no other day. Charles is missing with guns to his head, the maids were killed... and three of us guests are still alive. Something major is up... what are you planning... 

[Nick walks over to his desk, and looks at his paper from the previous day. ] 

What I Know

  • Sol went to the Ballroom and the Killer met him
  • They fought each other
  • The Killer and Sol both got stab wounds.
  • They trashed the room
  • The Killer killed Sol with the ice statue
  • Possible Motive: Something having to do with our Ancestors?
  • Mysterious message: Rot. Thirteen. Caesar. R-E-Z-N-P.
  • It was cold in the room because the thermostat was damaged. 

  What I Want to Know

  • Why is the Killer killing everyone?
  • What does Sol’s message mean?

[Nick looks at the message. R-E-Z-N-P. What did that mean??? It was only right then that the airhorn sounded. It was time. Slowly, Ermac, Dark, and Nick walked down the stairs to find a letter on the Grand Room table. Its adressed to Nick. ] 

[Nick]: Oh nice. A letter. 

[Everyone else then turns to their right. There are three strange machines, and three new smaller flat screen televisions. ] 


Name: Darktriggerhappy
Occupation: Construction Worker (formerly); Unemployed
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Dark]: Now there's a letter and three pinball like machines set up. Three stations, with video moniters, and our names are on it. 

[Nick begins to read the letter. ] 

[Nick]: " Nick, you've earned an advantage for my little test, take this black piece and put it to rest. That one is for you for finding my kill, the rest are at zero now, if you will. " 

[Nick puts the piece in the Memory section of the board. The TV then flickers to show Charles once more. ] 

[Charles, on the TV]: My Dear Guests... as you can see, the Killer is in full control of the situation at hand. I don't know how much longer I will live but... I do know that ONE OF YOU is about to unmask WHO HAS COMMITED MURDER. And walk out of here... ALIVE! I do hope... I will live long enough to congratulate whoever figures it out perso-

[Suddenly the tv flickers in static, and it returns to the voice of the Killer, once again changed and edited. ]

[The Killer, on the TV]: Sorry... but I had to dipose of that Charles. Ship back his English Corpse to the British Isles. 

[Everyone looks at the TV, disturbed and shocked. ]

[Ermac]: Holy crap.... Charles... no...

[The Killer, on the TV]: I have set before you ten tests of Wills. An ultimate quiz for all of your skills. This is your final challenge, at every phase. I even raised the dead, from the deadly haze. 

[Suddenly, a door is heard opening. Machines are heard clanging and moving. Suddenly, Nick, Ermac, and Dark look in horror as the dead appear before them. Sci, RG, Sklei, and Reo... all four bodies walk slowly, like zombies down the staircase. Behind them are DF, Bloxx, Toon, and Jon. They dare not look at the mortals, not noticing them for a minute. Finally, as the first four reach the bottom, the other two, Paper and Sol come down. ] 

[The Killer, on the TV]: DON'T WAVE TO THEM! OR SAY HELLO! They're just as stinky as the next fellow. 


Name: Darktriggerhappy
Occupation: Construction Worker (formerly); Unemployed
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Dark]: Oh..OH Gosh... Wha.. I feel like... EWWWWWWWWWWWW. 

Name: NickFusi0n
Occupation: Nuclear Scientist, former inmate
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Nick]: This just went from extremely weird to extremely morbid. 

[One by one, the dead guests move to a certain spot in the manor. Paper stands right next to the front door. All of the dead guests hold signs with riddles on them. ] 

[The Killer, on the TV]: So here is the lay of the land. They possess two puzzle pieces, one in each hand. You must first run to the location... then read the riddle from their station. Perform the task to get a piece for your board. Well the puzzle is completed, flick the light on the cord. A white piece means you got that task right. A Black Piece means... GO BACK WITH A FRIGHT! Nine pieces will unlock your key to victory. Then inside a mystery room, you'll find... only... me.


Name: Ermac270
Occupation: Author
Hometown: Wookie City, Wikia

[Ermac]: We have to go to each station, and solve the dead person's riddle, then choose the right piece and put it on. But we can only find out if its really right or not after we got all nine pieces, right or wrong. 

[The airhorn is sound, and three different things appear on the screens. ] 

Name of Victim


Name of Victim


Name of Victim
Athena Lounge Room

[Everyone begins to run about the manor, as the camera follows Nick first. He runs downstairs, runs down the hall, and turns the corner to reach the bar. Inside, the managled body of Sci is sitting, holding the riddle, and having two puzzle pieces next to him. There's also a box with the Wikia Manor crest on it. ] 

The Chest of Sci

I wanted to eat and drink but instead the Killer thought I should hang, you all heard the Chandiler fall with a clang! Here I have 6 important things.  Choose which one most likely killed me, while everyone else believed they were kings.

[Nick opens up the chest, and its filled with toys. Nick begins throwing the Toys away from the Chest. ]


Name: NickFusi0n
Occupation: Nuclear Scientist, former inmate
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Nick]: For this final part, we have to read these riddles, then do as they say. If we successfully " solve " the riddle, then we'll get the right piece. If we fail to " solve " the riddle, then we get the wrong piece. 

[Nick throws the last toy and suddenly, he sees a series of knives inside the chest. The knives hold the names of all the guests. ]

[Nick begins to pull out the knives carefully, as to not harm himself. The knives are pulled out, but they continue to appear. ] 

[Nick]: Why are there so many knives?

[Nick continues to pull them out, till he sees something else. He grabs it, and pulls it out, getting a small cut on his hand in the process. He pulls out the piece of Rope. ] 

[Nick]: The Rope. 

[A sound of machinery is heard. Nick realizes the eyes of Sci have been replaced by eye-looking cameras. Then, slowly but surely... the machinery inside his body turns on, and he reaches for the left piece. Nick switches the Rope for the piece and runs. ] 

[Ermac is next, as he hurries to the Poolside. On the Poolside, RG is lying down on a patio seat, with two pieces on his hands, one per hand. Hanging on his neck is the next riddle. ] 

The Island filled with the water of death, only one will win with his final breath. Order the timeline of how two teams beat one and all, once done put it on the wall. Figure out the answer in this line of strategy, before another death becomes a tragedy.

[Ermac looks over to find a wall constructed with a timeline. On different parts of the Timeline are spots for the pictures of the dead guests. Ermac hurries towards the pictures, and looks at the timeline. ]

The Timeline of Ermac


Name: Ermac270
Occupation: Author
Hometown: Wookie City, Wikia

[Ermac]: In other words, its a timeline of who died and when. So easy.

[Ermac quickly begins to put up the picture. He puts up the picture of Sci first, followed by RG. He then sees the picture of Sol, and places him at the end. He then sees a picture of Paper, and puts him up as well. ]

[Ermac]: This is too easy...

[Ermac then puts up the final pieces, and faces the body of RG. ]

[Ermac]: Done.

[With a click of moving parts, the head turns, faces the wall, and the robotic eyes study the image. With another loud noise of machine parts moving, the right hand lifts up. Ermac runs over, grabs the piece and hurries back to the Grand Room. It then cuts to Dark arriving in the Athena Lounge Room. Sklei is sitting on a table, sitting next to another table with different pieces. They appear to look like a bomb. ]

The Bomb of Sklei

[Dark]: Oh nice.

[Dark then looks over to see Sklei's riddle hanging around Sklei's neck. ]

The Table exploded before I could yell, "Fore!" I went out with a bang. Who could ask for more? Reassemble the bomb that ended my life. Once assembled, cut the right wire with a snip of the knife. Question? What color were the letters in my video? Red or blue. Only I'd know…

[Dark begins to try and put the device together. He moves around the pieces, trying to make them all fit. Dark then notices that a certain piece is on one side, but not on the other. So, he attaches them together, and then takes some wirecutters. Looking at the blue and red wires at the top of the bomb, he looks around, attempting to decid which color it was. Was it Red or Blue? Like the riddle said... only the Killer would know. Or would he?]

[Dark]: What was it... what was it... OH WAIT! I KNOW!

[Dark then clips the red wire, and puts it down. Sklei, facing the bomb points to the right piece. Dark grabs the piece and begins to run. It cuts to Nick putting his piece into his board, followed by Ermac and Dark. New places show up on the screens. ]

Name of Victim


Name of Victim


Name of Victim
Backyard Oak Tree Swing

[Nick and Ermac run towards the outside, while Dark heads to the Kitchen. It cuts to Nick, running into the graveyard, where Reo sits. There's two tables next to the tombstone Reo is sitting on. One has the puzzle pieces. The other has two mini tombstones. Nick then reads the riddle on Reo's neck. ] 

I got decipacated just a few days ago. While the rest of you guys were all yelling, "Whoa". Remember which tombstone was used for my murder? One is harmless. The other one strikes down. Ouch! Bring me the tombstone that cut off my head. Figure quickly now, or you're the next one dead.

The Tombstone of Reo

[Nick looks at the two tombstones. One has a picture of Reo, the other has a picture of the Grim Reaper. Nick grabs the Grim Reaper tombstone and shows it to Reo. The machinery inside Reo forces his arm to point to one of the puzzle pieces. Nick switches them around, and runs back to Wikia Manor. It then cuts to Dark running into the Kitchen, only to jump up, scared. He sees the cougar in a glass cage, with one small hole big enough to stick part of its jaw in it. Dark then faces DF, who is sitting on a chair with the puzzle pieces on the counter to his right. To his left however are five blocks and a little standing post. Dark then reads the riddle hanging from DF's neck. ]

The Cougar of DF

It's rare that you'd survive the attack of a lion. I died from cyanide without even trying'. On the counter, you'll find five logic clues. Put them in the correct order -- that you choose. Work out my logic of putting Kona behind that trapped door. Just don't be alarmed at the bloody sound of his roar.

[Dark begins to look at the different order of events, trying to think. ] 

[Dark]: Okay... first... Position the cage in front of the trap door... 

[Dark puts that piece on first. ] 

[Dark]: Then... Open the Cage.... followed by.... stepping on stove mat and the door opening... 

[Dark puts the next two pieces on. ] 

[Dark]: Then the cougar goes inside and getting off the stove mat... with the door closing. 

[Dark puts the final two pieces on the stand.]

[Dark]: I think that's right... 

[DF points to the left piece, and Dark takes that piece before running. It then cuts to Ermac arriving outside, at a swing that Bloxx is on. Bloxx holds his riddle, with the two puzzle pieces on a table nearby. Ermac then reads his riddle. ]

You all know me as the copier of Dontae's Inferno. Burned to a crisp, but little did you know. I died when I felt like a king, I went out with a blaze, but here is the thing. My titan that night was quite a no-show. Fire away my friends, Titan Prometheus or Titan Polyphemus?

[Ermac]: Greek Myths... oh crap... okay so... 

[Ermac attempts to think, but he has a hard time. ] 

[Ermac]: Ugh... this is why I hate mythologies. Um... I'm going to guess.... Prometheus?

[The machine inside Bloxx makes him point to a puzzle piece. Ermac picks up, turns around, and then faces back at Bloxx again. ] 

[Ermac]: Oh and ... enjoy death you son of a b-

[It quickly cuts back to Nick and Dark who return to Wikia Manor, putting their puzzle pieces into their boards. ] 

Name of Victim


Name of Victim
Hot Tub

[Nick and Dark run towards those locations as Ermac returns, and puts his piece down.]

Name of Victim
Front Door

[Ermac]: Yes! A short area. 

[Ermac goes through the front door of the Manor as it cuts to Nick arriving in the Theater, to see Toon, dressed up like Charles, carrying his riddle. In front of him is a table with a pad of paper and a pen. ]

Quiet in the theater' is what's always heard. I am now drained and cannot say a word. Study the images on the left and the right. Spot how many are different and then you can write your answer down and hand it to me. Here's a hint. It's no more than eight and no less than three.

[Nick takes the pad and pen, turns around, and sees the picture projected on the screen. ]

The Theater Picture of Toon 2

[Nick]: Comparing pictures.... nice... 

[It cuts to Dark, who hurries over to the Hot Tub. Jon sits there, holding his riddle sign as Dark notices hundreds of beans in the Hot Tub as well. ] 

As you can see, my hot tub is quite warm and quite cold. You're welcome to come in, if you are quite that bold. Inside of this tub are many different beans. But only the castor had the means to take my life in the cruelest of ways. Hand me this bean in this hot tub of haze.

[Dark]: Oh you want me to... yeah okay... 

[Dark jumps into the hot tub, getting wet as he attempts to find the castor bean, but fails. He continues to look for it, but gets frustrated. ] 

[Dark]: I ... HATE.... THIS .... MANOR!!!

[Dark grabs a bean, and shows it to Jon. The machinery in Jon moves a hand, giving Dark a puzzle piece. Dark then gives Jon the bean, and runs with the puzzle piece. It cuts to Ermac, who runs through the front door of the Manor to see Paper, sitting on a chair. Ermac then reads his riddle. ] 

I was shot dead by a flick of a shot. This test is skill to see what you've got. Run outside the window and take a shot at my head. When the glass breaks, you'll know that I'm dead. Shoot the right one if you want the right piece. Where was my face pointed, before I was deceased?

[Ermac then runs over to a table with a silencer, a container with twenty bullets, and then in front of it is two fish tanks with pictures of Paper. On one tank there's Paper's face, the other has Paper's back. Ermac puts three bullets in the silencer and aims at Paper's back. He shoots, breaking the fish tank. Ermac then hurries back to Paper, who gives him a certain puzzle piece. Ermac then runs back into the manor. It cuts to Nick in the Theater. He's written down six different ones. Nick then gives Toon the pad. Toon's machine eyes see the list, and then he gives him a left puzzle piece. Nick takes it and runs upstairs. Nick, Dark, and Ermac all arrive at the Grand Room and put their puzzle pieces down. ] 

Name of Victim
Athena Lounge Room


Name of Victim
Movie Theater


Name of Victim

[Nick and Ermac head to their locations as Dark goes to the Ballroom. Dark enters the Ballroom to see a maze has been set up. Sol stands, holding his riddle while standing to a table with the two puzzle pieces, and a stand with a green button and a timer that says [1:00]. Dark then reads the riddle. ] 

Welcome friends, to the quickest riddle ever in all of time. You had been hope you're in your prime. I died because I was too slow to figure this out, now hurry into the maze before you doubt. 'Inside the chest are four items for you. With only a minute, you have one thing to do. Open the chest but don't waste your time. Quickly choose the item that's not part of the crime.

[Dark presses the green button and runs inside the maze. The timer begins as he hurires inside. However, what he finds inside disturbs him. There are screens all across the maze. They all show the deaths of the guests. Sci being strangled by the Killer... Bloxx jumping into the pool.... Sol being stabbed in the ear... Reo being decapicated... all of them. Dark, in shock and horror looks at the videos. ] 

[Dark, starting to have a mental breakdown]: No... NO.... NOOOOOOOOOOOO

[Dark grabs a spear from a nearby knight statue, and smashes the screens. He smashes the screen of Sci. ] 

[Dark, having a full breakdown]: NO!

[He smashes the screen of RG being shocked, followed by the screen of Sklei blowing up and Reo having his head cut off. ] 


[Dark smashes the videos of DF. And Bloxx. And Toon and Jon and Paper. And Sol. And Melina and Erica. By the time that's done, the minute is up. He slowly walks to the front of the room, resets the timer, and falls to his knees slowly and painfully. ] 

[Dark]: N-No. 

[It cuts to Nick attempting to solve the riddle of Sklei. Ermac also solves the riddle of Toon, and runs up to put his piece. Nick does the same. ]

Name of Victim


Name of Victim
Hot Tub

[Nick]: The Kitchen. Perfect.

[Nick runs towards the Kitchen as Ermac heads outside. Nick begins to solve DF's riddle as Ermac jumps into the Hot Tub, covered in smoke and fog. ]

[Ermac]:' Ugh... where is the Castor Bean??

[It cuts back to Dark. Dark looks at the button. He gets up, and looks at the maze ]

[Dark]: I won't let you defeat me... I won't let you FINISH ME OFF! I WILL STAND! I! WILL! LIVVVEE!

[Dark presses the green button, and runs into the maze. He turns multiple corners, till he reaches the chest. Dark grabs the chest, opens it up and begins throwing things out. Dark then picks up a plastic container with a mini ice sculpture of the statue of liberty. He puts it down and keeps looking. He picks up a knife, and puts it away. He then grabs a crowbar and begins running back. He exits the maze as the timer ends. He then shows Sol the crowbar. The robotic parts inside Sol make his arm move, giving Dark the right puzzle piece. Dark begins to run as he puts his piece down.]

Name of Victim

[Dark runs towards the lower staircase as Nick and Ermac return and they put their puzzle pieces down. It cuts to about ten minutes later. Nick is on his tenth piece, Paper's riddle. Ermac is at the bar solving Sci's riddle. Dark is reading Reo's riddle. Nick shoots at Paper's back and gets the piece, putting it into the board. The screen then reads a new thing.]

Run to the Attic to Find the Killer

[Nick begins to hurry to the Attic, and as he hurries up there, he realizes something. ]

[Nick]: There was one piece left... Instinct... we didn't see the maids having any riddles...

[Nick arrives at the attic door, opens it up and finds.... Charles. Standing. Not trapped. ]

[Charles]: Nick... I can explain...


[Nick and Charles stands in the Attic. Alone. Charles is shocked by Nick of a sudden appearing, and he attempts to regain his composure. ] 

[Charles]: Nick... I can explain... 

[Nick]: Charles.... it was you! YOU! All alone... 

[Charles]: I know this looks very bad, but its not what it looks like. 

[Nick, sarcastic]: Really?

[Charles]: The Killer... forced me into his trap... taped the video ahead of time... and then freed me and forced me to stay in here as he did his plot. 

[Nick]: Charles, give it up. I'm putting an end to your lies. 

[Charles]: Okay fine Nick. If you want true evidence, you need to do the following. Go down to the Parlor. Under the main desk there's my employment contract for Wikia Manor. Read EVERY word of it, even the fine print. It will show you who the real killer is. Then, you must bring back the last page of the contract back here to me!

[Nick, suspicious]: Why should I trust you?

[Charles]: Only by doing this will you solve this riddle. Am I, or Am I Not The Killer? 

[Nick exits the Attic and begins heading downstairs. ]


Name: NickFusi0n
Occupation: Nuclear Scientist, former inmate
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Nick]: Charles is giving this whole story about how was forced to do this and that and then he had to stay in there. That's more then enough time to take down Melina and Erica... and I wouldn't be too surprised at this point if Charles is a lot more involved in this then I previous thought. 

[He hurries down from the Grand Staircase to the Parlor, hurrying to the desk.  In the meanwhile, Ermac finishes his board as well. ] 

Run to the Attic to Find the Killer

[Ermac runs upstairs and passes by Nick as he goes down to get the contract. He reaches the desk and grabs the contract, opening it up. He then flips open to the last page and quickly scans it before ripping it off and hurrying back upstairs. ] 


Name: NickFusi0n
Occupation: Nuclear Scientist, former inmate
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Nick]: The Contract basically says that while Charles and the Killer aren't the same people... Charles technically is going to be sent to prison for the events that happened here. 

[Nick returns to the Attic with the paper as Ermac goes down to get exactly what Nick has. ] 

[Nick]: You are the Killer... you son of a beach. 

[Charles]: Alright... I am the Killer. 

[Charles gives a puzzle piece to Nick as Nick runs down to finish the board. Ermac passes by Nick, as Nick reaches the board. Nick puts the final piece down and flips the light. One of them is incorrect. Its Toon's riddle. Nick hurries to the Theater, as Dark returns and puts down a piece. He then gets Bloxx's riddle. Nick reaches the Theater, grabs the Pen and Pen and tries to solve the riddle again. He writes down changes, rushing. ] 

[Nick]: Okay so... the different leaves, the moved around ghosts... what else is there?

[Nick turns around to Toon.] 

[Nick]: Have anything useful for me? No? Okay. 

[Nick then continues to search for differences, when he just puts SEVEN on the pad. He gives the pad to Toon and Toon gives him a different puzzle piece. Nick runs back up, and switches his two Toon pieces. All the pieces are colored right. Ermac and Dark then arrives, and puts his Charles piece down. They both get new riddles. ] 

Nick, Ermac, and Dark
Your puzzle pieces are all confirmed. Your Affirmation almost affirmed. Find where I am hiding now. Its time for the "Who" and not the "How". Go upstairs, two, twelve, six and six. Door on the left, no parlor tricks. From this Balcony I watched them all die. Enter Softly. My Oh My....

[Nick hurries upstairs first, followed by Ermac and Dark, who quickly hurries. They all go upstairs, as they turn around the corners of the house. Finally, Nick reaches a room with two doors. Nick opens the doors, and looks in awe. There is another version of the Surveillance Room, with posterboards and papers everywhere. They include images of what appears to be the parents of the guests and their ancestors, as well as old pictures of Wikia Manor, plans to traps, and much more. ]

[Nick]: What the heck.

[Ermac and Dark arrive in the room, and look around as well. Dark is in shock while Ermac just looks. ]

[Dark]: This is ... da hell...

[Ermac]: There has to be another riddle... it has to be here....

[Ermac hurries around the room, opening up a chest, and looking into it. Dark and Nick just look around, at the screens. ]

[Nick]: What's going on...

[Dark]: Neither do I...

[Ermac]: Wait... Dark... I just realized something. Did anyone think of opening the doors to the Balcony? It was in the riddle.

[Dark]: Right!

Music-icon Soundtrack - The Death of Dark/The Killer Revealed

[Dark grabs the doors, and opens them up. He walks over to the edge of the Balcony, reaching over to the Poolside as a click is heard. ]

[Ermac]: Oh wait, there's one more thing I forgot. There's one too many people here.

[Dark turns around, as a gun goes off. Dark is hit in the stomach, as another shot is fired. Dark falls over the edge as Nick shouts. ]


[Dark slowly falls as the gun lowers. He looks at the sky as everything begins to become white... blurry even. As Nick runs over to the edge... Dark falls into the Pool, his arms spread out... almost like an angel before... the eyes close at last. Nick looks at the dead body of Dark... the eleventh guest dead. That's when the thought occurs to him.

.... It all makes sense.

.... Sol's message...

.... the actions

... the double attack two days ago

... it all makes sense.

[Nick]: REZNP. Five letters. A name...

[Nick slowly turns around.... to face the Killer. ]

[Ermac]: You got me. I'm the Killer of Wikia Manor.


[It cuts back to the mysterious balcony room. Dark's body lies dead in the pool as Nick slowly turns around... to face the Killer. ]

[Ermac]: You got me. I'm the Killer of Wikia Manor.

Music-icon Soundtrack - Hell on Earth (Necessary Evil)

[Nick]: Ermac... you're the Killer... but... but why?

[Ermac]: When this manor was built, there were 15 families that helped make it what it is today. The families of the eleven victims, our families, Charles's family and the first true owner of the manor himself's family. We built this manor brick by brick. Stone by stone. And then we were betrayed. While our families were honest men, the rest worked in the shadows. Sold drugs to mobsters. Burned cities to the ground. In time, they seeked more control over the manor, and they decided to have some " accidents " happen. 

[Nick]: What do you mean?

[Ermac]: Over time they used different methods. Framed your great great grandfather and sent him to prison. Poisoned Dark's great great grandmother and made her unable to bear children after her first and only child was already born. Made her go into an insane asylum. Forced Charles's family to serve as butlers for two-hundred years to pay off unbelievable debt. Ruined financially my ancestors, made them lose their jobs. 

[Nick]: So, this is all about revenge. Revenge on the ten families. 

[Ermac]: Indeed, part of it is. Do you have any idea how hard it has been for my family to recover from that? Decades upon decades. Only recently have we gotten have pull and strength to let me pursue our interests. Five Generations of sadness and anguish. So, once I had enough money I used it to buy Wikia Manor and employed Charles, on purpose of course. I then prepared my murder weapons, and with the million dollars I had collected I offered to give it away. Ironically, you were all in a position to need the money, so naturally you fled to me desperate. I watched you fight, cuss, tear yourselves apart. I changed you for the worst, and made you unpure. 

[Nick]: Why bring Dark and I?

[Ermac]: I had to choose between you two, Sol, and Charles as to which deserved the money. We were the five families that stayed on the side of good. However, even the good can become corrupt. You for example. You were arrested for shooting fireworks into the skies. But you didn't, did you? 

[Nick]: No, I was framed.

[Ermac]: By Sol. He found someone who could have the resources to do that, and he framed you to save himself. Dark's drunkenness made him lose his job. Paper made his workers get minimum wage and used profits and wages to spend on the lottery, nearly making his factory bankrupt in the process. He needed the million dollars to save it. Jon experimented at the University, messed with his student's genes and DNA. A violation against nature itself. You saw how evil Bloxx was, how corrupt a company of his nature is. Sci created films that um, weren't the most clean if you know what I mean. 

[Nick]: Oh... gosh that's... oh ... 

[Ermac]: And what makes you think Toon was any better? At least he attempted to change, but you must remain pure. For if you have even one sin, forgiven or not... you deserve to be punished. 

[Nick]: Listen to yourself Ermac... you are not jury, judge, and executioner! 

[Ermac]: Sklei also proceeded to do horrible things to pay the bills when it came to parties and his... acting career. RG was stupid enough to not pay attention in school, and he deserved every second in that box of his. DF secretly hunted endangered animals, and Reo hacked the government and gave other governments files that could start a World War III. They were all evil in the heart! The people failed to do what was necessary, so I did become the judge and I choose to give them the death penalty. 

[Nick]: I understand that some people were stupid, and others did bad things... but they don't deserve horrible deaths, they deserved prison! 

[Ermac]: Ironic. The man that went to prison wants others to go to were he just left. Your attempts to reason with me are amusing... but pointless. I thought for a while that I might have to give the money to Charles for a while when you got the In Danger cards. But you proved to be a better detective then the cop himself. You figured out the Ricin. You saw how I sent Bloxx up in flames. You used your family history to figure out the clue to how Paper died.

[Nick]: So?

Music-icon Soundtrack - Ra's al Ghul's Immortality

[Ermac]: You are my greatest adversary. It should be you, Nick, standing with me as we purge the world of its darkness and impurity. You should join me, you were forced to spend countless days in prison for a crime you didn't commit. Two Men of Justice are better then one. 

[Nick]: You don't serve justice. You're a Killer, a psychopath. You've committed Murder eleven times, and I can not allow you to do that.  

[Ermac]: I see. Well, you should know this.  When a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable. Tomorrow, the world will watch in shock and horror as its finest and greatest manor burns itself to the ground. The family of Ermac will once again destroy that which is wrong. 

[Nick]: Your family has done this before? 

[Ermac]: Of course. Over the ages we've killed those who have wronged us. With the eleven victims I tried a new way to cause pain. I slowly eliminated people and caused long periods of suffering and dread. Suspense and anxiety before showing them that they truly are cowards, traitors, and monsters before killing them.  My family has tried to kill the evil families before, but we underestimated certain people. The ten families discovered the truth. Create enough hunger, enough pain and everyone can become a Killer. Even you, Nick can become like me. However, we only managed to harm you all for a short while and everyone who has lived in this manor has limped on from that attack ever since. I am back on behalf of my family to finish the job. This time, no one will get in my way. Not even you. A man once told me a quote I believe in.  If someone stands in the way of true justice, you simply walk up behind them... and stab them in the heart. 

Music-icon Soundtrack - The Fall of Ermac

[Ermac quickly grabs a sword and slashes it at Nick. Nick ducks, and he grabs a baseball bat. Nick bashes the baseball bat at the sword, and the sword cuts through the baseball bat. Nick suddenly rams into Ermac, and grabs another sword. Ermac then pushes Nick upwards, and the two swords clash each other. Ermac slashes the posterboard, as Nick defends himself. ] 

[Ermac]: It doesn't have to end like this... 

[Nick]: Actually yes... it does. It ends with you. 

[Nick and Ermac continue to fight each other, before they burst down the doors. The fighting goes to the hallways, as Nick slaps the sword out of Ermac's hand. ] 

[Ermac]: Impressive.

[Nick]: Lets fight like men. 

[Nick drops his sword and Ermac tackles him. The two bash to the wall, knocking down frames as they punch each other. Nick pushes Ermac away, and kicks him across. Nick then begins to run as Ermac chases him. He reaches to the top of the upper stairwell as Ermac shouts. ] 

[Ermac]: You Coward! I thought you were going to fight like a man!

[Nick]: I know... I am a Man. And you're just a beach. 

[Ermac attacks Nick, nearly knocking him over the edge. Nick grabs Ermac's head, but Ermac grabs another sword from a nearby knight statue and tries to slash Nick. Nick throws Ermac to the ground before that can happen. As Nick grabs another sword from another nearby knight, Ermac gets up. He turns around, throwing the sword, cutting Nick's arm and making him fall to the ground. Near the edge. Ermac slowly walks towards him... carrying his damned sword slowly and dramatically. . ] 

[Ermac]: I did this for my family! I DID THIS FOR JUSTICE! And you... out of all them... betray me. How dare you... 

[Nick]: I came... for redemption. 

[Suddenly Charles arrives, paniced. ] 

[Charles]: Ermac! Stop this at once!

[Ermac]: Shut up butler... I gave him his chance. Now this is mine. 

[Suddenly, Ermac stabs Nick in the chest. Nick cries out in pain... as the Killer twists the cursed blade... slowly... painfully. He lets go of the sword as the blood drips onto the floor. Ermac laughs like a maniac. ] 

[Ermac]: And then there was None.... 

[Charles looks at the bleeding Nick... and the evil Ermac...] 

[Charles]: Nick... what have you done? ... NOOOO!

[Charles rams Ermac, punching him as Nick reaches for the tip of the sword. Ermac twists around, and beats the crap out of Ermac. ] 

[Ermac]: You will not stop me!

[As Ermac takes out a Hunter's Knife and aims it at Charles... BOOM! A gunshot is fired. Ermac drops the gun... turning around.... to see a cop. ] 

[Charles]: I ... beat you. 

[Ermac turns back at Charles.... before falling down to the ground... rolling down a few piles of steps. ] 

[Ermac]: O...oo...oowww...owwwww.

[A group of SWAT and Police burst in the manor... as the first officer from before takes his handcuffs and arrests Ermac. Charles pulls the sword out of Nick, takes some napkins from his pocket and covers up the wound. ]

[The Officer that Arrested Ermac]: You fellows alright?

[Charles]: I'll be better when I get out of this bloody house Officer... 

[Officer]: Officer Will. First name's Omni. 

[Charles]: Well... thanks Officer Omni. 

[Omni]: No Problem. Now lets go, scumbag. 

[Omni takes Ermac out of Wikia Manor as Charles and Nick slowly go down the staircase. ] 

[Nick]: So um... where's that million?

[Charles]: Under our feet the whole time. 

[Charles puts Nick to the side of the staircase as he steps off a step. He then pulls it up, revealing the suitcase. He then opens it up... and shows the million. ] 

[Charles]: I was instructed to put it there for safe keeping. Its yours... as soon as you get help. 

[Nick]: Thanks... 

[Charles]: Don't worry about your innocence though... we can use Ermac's surveillance footage. 

[Nick]: Good... lets go get it. 

[Charles]: Are you s-

[Nick]: Yeah. I can get it... you go on. 

[Charles smiles, and takes the suitcase with him. It cuts to Nick... in pain, at the graveyard. He puts the last victim, the last body into the ground. ] 

[Nick]: Farewell... Dark. 

[Nick gives a salute to Dark, and then puts the dirt on him. It cuts back to Nick copying all the video into a flashdrive, before putting it into his pocket. He then turns around, and finds a crack in the wall. He walks over... and pushes on it. There's a passage... a secret passage. Nick walks in it, walking around. He walks in it, opening doors to people's rooms... the halls... the morgue... the Athena Lounge Room... even Charle's quarters. After an hour of wandering, Nick reaches one last passage. It goes underground. ] 

[Nick]: Time to find out where this one goes. 

[It cuts to Ermac, in the police car as everyone talks. He takes a pin from his pocket and begins to unlock the cuffs. Soon, they unlock, and he kicks open the door. Nearby cops see this, but Ermac hides behind the police car, knocking down a cop. He then takes his gun, and shoots at the other cops, knocking them all down one by one. ] 

[Ermac]: I shall not be punished... 

[Ermac then takes out his phone and presses a button on it. Inside.... inside the walls... and rooms.... are barrells of gas and oil. A rube-goldberg machine starts, lighting a match, and then a machine moves the match to the lines leading to the gas containers. It cuts to outside. Omni fires at Ermac, who dodges. ] 

[Omni]: We need air support! I mean... we need air support now!

MURDER - The Destruction of Wikia Manor

MURDER - The Destruction of Wikia Manor

[A helicopter from nearby flies towards the Manor. It cuts to Nick walking down the path... underground as the bombs go off. They explode, bit by bit. The Grand Room bursts into flames, the Roman Room becomes ash... the manor explodes into a fireball. The Manor explodes, fire shocking Ermac as the police car is flipped over him to behind him. Pieces of debry hit the helicopter windows, killing the pilot and co-pilot. Nick stops moving, as he hears the noise. The Co-Pilot, dead, moves his hand down. The Helicopter hurries towards the Manor... as Ermac looks in horror. The Helicopter quickly crashes into the Manor, resulting in one final blast. The Fire hurries through the passages toward Nick... as he runs for his life. He then ducks to the side as the fire rushes beside him, exiting out of the hill nearby. Nick slowly gets up, and runs out of the passage. He looks out of the hill, looking down at Wikia Manor. Wikia Manor is in flames. ] 

[Nick]: It is done. The Murders of Wikia Manor are over. Good riddance. 

Music-icon Soundtrack - Charles Gets Away/Omni's Invite

[In the meanwhile, Ermac looks at Wikia Manor burning. ] 

[Ermac]: It is done. 

[Ermac then looks over and notices the suitcase Charles had. Ermac unlocks the suitcase, and opens it. He swirms in anger as Omni and other cops grab him, and arrest him once more. The camera zooms away from Ermac, going into the sky as he screams. ] 

[Ermac]: Curse you... Charles. CURSE ALL OF YOU!!!

[The Money is missing as it cuts to Charles, at a Motel. He rests on a bed, with the million dollars in a sack, on the floor. Charles rests, knowing that the trouble is over. ] 

[Charles]: It is done... 

[Charles then looks over, to see an ad has suddenly appears under the bottom of the door. Charles walks over, and grabs the piece of Paper. He turns it around, to see something. He looks, and smiles. ] 

[Charles]: I've always wanted to work at a Hotel... 

[It cuts to Nick talking to Omni. ONE DAY LATER. ] 

[Omni]: Ermac will be put away for a long time, eleven guests and two maids is a lot of dead people. Not to mention terrorism and blackmail. 

[Nick]: And me?

[Omni]: Based on a written sheet of paper given to us by Charles via mail, Ermac's story and your evidence, you're inoccent of all charges, as well as Charles. 

[Nick]: Where is Charles anyways?

[Omni]: That's what we're finding out. Don't worry. 

[Nick]: Alright. 

[There's an awkward silence. ] 

[Omni]: It'll be alright. 

[Nick]: You have no idea what that was like. The horror... the pain... the fear.

[Omni]: I know I don't. And I wish I won't ever have to experience anything like what you went through. 

[Nick, disgusted]: Oh you have NO IDEA.... 

[Nick leaves the police station as Omni sits down, checking his email. He opens it up and looks at it. The last image of Omni we see is him staring at the computer screen. ]

[Omni]: Wikia Island... sounds like a vacation. Accept. 

The End ... or is it

MURDER: A Game of Life and Death

Season One, Ep. 12

Directed and Written by Sci100

  1. NickFusi0n as Nick
  2. Ermac270 as Ermac/The Killer
  3. Darktriggerhappy as Dark
  4. Sci100 as Sci
  5. Regular Guy as RG
  6. AwesomeIsMyName as Sklei
  7. Reo 54 as Reo
  8. Diamondface as DF
  9. BloxxMan as Bloxx
  10. Cartoon44 as Toon
  11. JonathanTennysion as Jon
  12. Paperluigi ttyd as Paper
  13. SocietyofLightMasquerade as Sol

With Special Guest....  OmniWill as Omni, the cop.  

... oh and featuring Charles. #PervCharles. 


[Charles sits on the bed of his new quarters. He looks around. The Room looked perfect, much better then his last quarters. Of course, that was only because it was owned by a madman. Those days were over. He didn't know if he wanted to go, he had so much history on the island, but it paid good. Almost too good to be honest.  ]

[Charles]: Hello. My name is Charles. I am the butler here at his Hotel. I have two maids that also work with me. They're names ar- 

[He hears something. A letter is slipped under the door. Charles turns around, and slowly walks towards the letter. It was familiar... too familiar. Nervous, he grabbed the letter, and opened it up. His face turned to the same one he had all those months ago. He drops the letter as the camera faces it. A new game has begun. ]  

[Charles]: For this, ladies and gentlemen is a game… of Murder.

End of Post Credits Scene

The Following Section is non-canon to the plot of the episode. This is just a brief commentary at the end of the episode. 

A-ha! By now you know that Ermac was The Killer. Many of you will be asking the " How " as in " How could the Killer be him? ". Allow me to share some light on the situation. 

Ermac's motive is revealed to be revenge, but not in the sense that he has been wronged, but rather his family. We disocver that the Manor was owned by the Founder, but the Project was funded by the Families of the guests. These include Ermac's family, Charle's ancestors, the guests's ancestors and the founder's. A last minute-idea, but better then nothing. We find that Ermac's family, Charles's family, as well as Nick's and Dark's familes were betrayed and nearly put to ruin. But Ermac's ancestors planned revenge. Ermac was only doing that which his family had seeked for a century or two. Punishing the Guility. 

We also learn that the guests are guilty in one way or another. Its at this point we discover Ermac's second belief. All sinners deserve to be punished with death, regardless of forgiveness or change. Needless to say, this changes our point of view of Ermac. Only Nick discovers the Killer's passages around the manor, explaining his speed. The Killer's video and the final fight prove his inoccence. 

And now, you want to know how the Killer was chosen to be him. At first, I had no idea who the Killer was. But then I came with a clear plan of who should die and who the Killer would be. I chose an unlikely suspect and by doing so made myself a genius. 

The Clues were hidden, yet they were always there. Lets check them out, shall we?

  1. Ermac's ability to enter Toon's room as seen in Best MURDER
  2. His mentioning of being able to shoot guns, also mentioned in Best MURDER. 
  3. The fact that he always had a better ansewr then the Other IN DANGERS as seen in Hot and Cold Never Mix and Earthquake
  5. REZNP. This was the most obvious clue. There are five letters in REZNP. There are also five letters in ERMAC. Secondly, if you looked up " Rot 13 Caesar " you'd find it was a cipher. Which was shown in the riddle on Statue of Murderity. Finally, you could have attempted to solve the message by solving it the way the guests did with the Episode Eleven cipher. Foolish Mortals. 

With these clues, it may have not been obvious but they were there. I must say that you, The Audience, did a fantastic job. You fell EXACTLY into my trap. You focused on Paper and Sol, the leaders and suspicious people. You ignored the Killer, you ignored poor poor Ermac. You believed he was more likely to die then Paper or Sol!

" Oh Ermac's Going to Die "

" #ErmacDies "

Oh how poorly you did in guessing who the Killer was. But it only proves a very well known point. At least, I thought it was well known. 

Its ALWAYS the person you least suspect. So thank you, for failing to solve who commited murder. I have outsmarted you all. Therefore, you the Holmes of Wikia have been defeated by Wikia's Moriarty. Me. 

Signed, Sci100

Special Thanks to Ultra, the superfan and Ermac, your Killer. 


This concludes the non-canon commentary for the Season Finale of MURDER. #PervCharles. Thanks for reading!